Flat stomach

Many people are looking to get a flat stomach quickly without liposuction. Whether it is due to sitting too much and not enough standing, the menopause, or eating too much food, or after a caesarean section or after the age of 40, or after pregnancy or childbirth, the unsightly bulges that more and more people want to combat can easily be eliminated.

However, a number of factors must be taken into account, the diet must be optimally organised and combined with appropriate physical activity. But it is possible. Opt for a one-month challenge or a three-week programme for example, or a two-week programme if you really want a quick result.

How to get a flat stomach?

There are many ways to achieve a completely flat stomach. Apart from “gimmicks” such as girdles or tights, leggings, shorties, bodysuits and corsets to be placed under the clothes and erasing the small bumps, which are very useful when you want to wear a dress or a skirt that is tight enough.
And even when it comes to food supplements, creams and cures, don’t expect to find a miracle solution for a perfect stomach overnight. At best, it will allow you to make up for a few nutrient or vitamin deficiencies.

At worst, if you take too much of it, it will have harmful effects on your health. The best thing to do in this case is to adopt a healthy diet over the long term.

There is no point in wishing for a flat stomach in a week. It all depends on your body type and eating habits. All that counts is your willpower, and of course a helping hand with all our ideas.

Flat stomach: Top 10 tips from grandma

1/ Drink plenty of water throughout the day and drink warm water. The perfect average is two litres a day. Indeed, drinking a glass of water in the morning when you wake up is known to positively stimulate the intestine.

Avoid all caffeinated drinks, fizzy drinks or drinking too much tea. Don’t forget to take part in sports.

2/ Eat Chia seeds. They are an important source of minerals, fibre, vitamins and natural proteins. They are an effective fat burner for the stomach area. Without much flavour, you can add them to all your dishes and every day if you wish.

3/ Eat dark leafy vegetables and celery. Dark leafy greens are full of iron, zinc and fibre. Spinach, kale and collard greens are among them.

4/ Eat white meat. Chicken, turkey, fish, protein sources are transformed into energy that can be used immediately to burn fat.

5/ Drink fat burning concoctions such as green tea, ginger tea which improves digestion.

6/ Consume cayenne pepper. It contains capsaicin which increases the flow of blood to the stomach. This improves nutrient absorption and digestion.

7/ Use cinnamon generously. It helps to maintain the intestinal flora and greatly reduces flatulence.

8/ Consume vegetable oils such as walnut, sesame and olive oil. They prevent bloating and give you a flat stomach.

9/ Eat three meals a day and at fixed times at most, so as not to upset the body and get it used to burning what it needs to burn.

10/ And remember to eat slowly so that you feel full. A perfect belly guaranteed.

What to eat to get a flat stomach?

How to get a satisfying belly? The first rule for achieving a perfect tummy and losing abdominal fat is to know which foods to avoid in order to reduce your daily calorie intake. In the context of a low-calorie diet, weight loss in the stomach area will be targeted by eating more vegetables. This does not necessarily mean that you will have to eat less, but necessarily differently by choosing healthy and balanced menus and foods.

So no fizzy drinks, for example. Next, you should distribute your carbohydrate, fat and protein intake evenly. So, for information, in order to distribute fats, carbohydrates and proteins properly, the average is a consumption of one third of calories for each macronutrient on a daily basis. The dietary basis for a flat stomach is to act mainly on the fat in the abdominal area.

In order to achieve this, everyone who wants to start a slimming plan with the objective of a flat stomach should do abdominal exercises in the morning and evening in addition to a suitable diet. Your body must become a real little fat oxidation machine. This means that your meals must be low-calorie. You can eat self-made soups, for example, as well as cinnamon and cumin for an appetite-suppressant feeling, and ginger for energy. Drinks such as detox smoothies or orange juice will help you through the day by helping you to lose weight.

Finally, choose your foods carefully. Foods to choose first for protein are turkey, eggs, chicken, beef, 0% cottage cheese. For carbohydrates, choose mainly brown rice, quinoa, wholemeal pasta, sweet potatoes, peas, lentils, vegetables and fruit. For dessert, opt for a snack rather than a biscuit or mango yoghurt. In short, opt for all foods with a low glycemic index.

As for fats, you can opt for nuts, hazelnuts, olive oil and rapeseed oil.

What sports can I do to get a flat stomach?

In addition to a varied and balanced diet, opt for regular training and physical activity that you enjoy. Abdominal training and pilates are excellent for achieving a flat stomach and will help you to achieve results much more quickly. You can also train your abdominal muscles regularly.

The important thing in the process is to tone up the transverse muscle by doing daily sit-ups of about 20 minutes or more depending on your needs and physical abilities. You can alternate between several sports in order to make your training fun and not feel frustrated. The important thing is also to enjoy yourself and to be a real player in the process.

Unlike women, in principle men will lose weight more quickly and regain a flat stomach more easily. This is mainly due to biological factors. In any case, to lose weight faster you can also choose one of the three sports that are known to burn the most fat. These are cross-country skiing, intensive jogging and weight training or fitness. And in the recovery phase you will also lose calories.

My flat stomach programme

Here’s a plan that is sure to give you an iron stomach while helping you to lose weight quickly and sustainably. You’re sure to be delighted.



A slice of buttered wholemeal bread – a knob of butter, no jam or honey

A whole orange

A hot unsweetened drink (preferably tea)

Lunch :

A mixed salad: quinoa, feta, courgettes, lamb’s lettuce, cucumbers, olives, pine nuts. Dress your salad with a drizzle of olive oil

A piece of bread

A hot unsweetened drink

Snack :

A small handful of nuts

A banana

A tea and a spoonful of bicarbonate

In the evening:

Vegetarian curry dish with rice and vegetables cooked in a wok

Tea and a square of dark chocolate

Sport: Twenty minutes of fitness



A muesli with no added sugar made from 0% cheese and oat milk

A hot unsweetened drink

A banana


Salmon cooked in foil with fresh lemon juice

Steamed broccoli

Wholegrain white rice

Hot unsweetened drink

Snack :

A handful of nuts

An apple


Evening snack:

Homemade soup (with vegetables, spices and a potato)

A slice of leek quiche

Tea and a square of dark chocolate

Sport: half an hour of cardio. You can choose fitness, but also swimming, cycling, running or dancing for example. You can also opt for brisk walking or alternate as you wish.



A slice of wholemeal bread with half a ripe avocado

A hot unsweetened drink

A kiwi fruit


Chicken breast with raw tomatoes and a vegetable garden

A hot unsweetened drink

Snack :

Bread with a knob of butter

Kiwi fruit

Tea with a teaspoon of flower honey

Homemade soup, including a potato

Grated carrots

Tea and a square of dark chocolate

Sport: fitness for half an hour. Flat stomach abs and sessions targeting the slim waist.



Sugar-free muesli and almond milk

A whole ripe orange

A hot unsweetened drink


Home-made ratatouille and pasta with tapenade sauce

A hot unsweetened drink (preferably red tea)

Snack :

An apple and a handful of mixed nuts

A hot unsweetened drink

Evening :

A recipe for chili sin carne (meat is removed)

A hot unsweetened drink

No sport today. This is the day when you let your body rest completely.



Sugar-free muesli with whole milk or almond milk

A hot unsweetened drink

Half a mango

Lunch :

Low-fat fish tagine with steamed vegetables

A little semolina

Unsweetened tea

Snack :

Two seasonal fruits and a handful of nuts

A hot unsweetened drink

Sport: Exercise for 20 minutes, with particular emphasis on breathing.


A self-made vegetarian pizza

A green salad

Plenty of water – also suitable with sparkling water.



Wholemeal bread with cashew nut puree

A hot unsweetened drink

A grapefruit

Lunch :

Raw beetroot

Steamed green beans with baked fish

Some rice and red beans

A hot unsweetened drink

Snack :

Fresh seasonal fruit salad and a handful of nuts

Unsweetened tea


Home-made chips and a veggie burger

A glass of wine or a glass of grape juice

A handmade dessert

A calm night tea

Sport: 45 minutes of cardio. You can do pilates, dance, run, swim or cycle. You can walk fast, alternate several sports. You need to move for 45 minutes. You will see that it is easier than you think.



Wholemeal bread with half an avocado

A hot unsweetened drink

An orange

Lunch :

Organic egg omelette with spinach and onions

Lamb’s lettuce and rocket salad with cubes of low-fat sheep’s cheese and shallot

One or two steamed potatoes

Snack :

A slice of homemade apple pie, being careful with the sugar of course

A hot unsweetened drink

Evening meal:

Soup with a potato

Grated carrots with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon

A small piece of bread

Herbal tea and a square of dark chocolate

Sport: Half an hour to 45 minutes of exercise to combat love handles.

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