Flat tummy panties: immediate slimming effect

The flat tummy panty suddenly fulfils the dream of many of us: to lose weight quickly while keeping a nice shape. It is an effective solution for all those who find their abs a bit soft!

With a lifting effect and discretion assured, shapewear lingerie knows how to hide!

This lingerie is often made in neutral tones (ecru, white or black) so as to be inconspicuous under clothing. The new creations combine design and performance because they remain very effective. For example, lace tummy panties have become a “classic” and can be found in almost every woman’s wardrobe. The fabrics are carefully chosen to ensure good support but also to allow the skin to breathe.

This sheathing lingerie is ideal after pregnancy as it provides the essential support during this period, allowing the muscles to gradually take over. How can I wear a long, tight dress without my tummy bulge looking unsightly? Shaping boxers are the perfect choice. It flattens the tummy, supports a weak buttock and gives a nice curve to the hips while slimming your waistline.

Goodbye to little flaws! For those with orange peel skin on their thighs, Bermuda shorts are the perfect choice. You can then slip on skinny jeans because the remodelling effect is amazing.

Benefits and disadvantages of shaping pants

Full time and every day, it is a bit like torture! On the other hand, on an occasional basis, to refine one’s figure and erase a belly that is a little too bulging, to support sagging buttocks, to erase a few small rolls around the stomach or to shape hips that are too large, the sculpting panties and all their “derivatives” are at the top!

Despite this, some health professionals have denounced the harmful effects of compression on the stomach, bladder and even the thoracic cage for certain models. Indeed, digestion can be altered, urinary infections multiplied and breathing made heavier.

This type of lingerie should not be worn by pregnant women who should be looking for maximum comfort.

Shaping briefs join the world of fancy lingerie!

Sculpting panties are not very sexy, they remind me of my grandmother’s. This is a point of view that makes many of us hesitate… and yet, age and some excesses leave their mark!

The great designers of women’s lingerie have worked on the subject and now have a choice of shapewear lingerie that is both ravishing and attractive: lace briefs that go up to the chest, seamless bodysuits, shorts, and even thongs.

The inexpensive model is available in all major clothing stores where, for a few euros, you can acquire, not the sexiest of panties, but a modern model somewhat different from the “rigid” and sad girdles of our grandmothers.

Men tend to store fat more on their stomachs than on their thighs, so the shape of the flat tummy briefs for men is often below the chest.

Regular exercise (walking, jogging, cycling, etc.) to reduce the small defects that occasionally spoil everyday life, and the reinforcement of sculpting briefs can be the two major assets of an (almost) perfect figure.



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