Lose 15 kg: our advice!

It’s not easy to look at yourself in the mirror when you’ve got extra kilos!

It’s time to take things in hand! Can you lose 15 kilos? Of course you can lose 15 kilos, what’s stopping you? Yes, but in how long? To lose weight, you have to set up a programme that includes diet and sport and follow it to the letter, without flinching. Because that’s often where the problem lies: the first few days are idyllic, you finally get going and you feel that this time it’s the right one!

But here we are! After a few weeks, daily life, weariness and frustration make us let go and the risk is to take back more than we have lost. So to avoid this, we concoct a tailor-made diet to keep us going. The idea is not to be on a diet all your life but to get back into good habits.

How to lose 15 kilos sustainably?

I t is necessary to lose these kilos in at least 3 months, but for some people, it is possible to lose them in 5 months or even 6 months. You can forget about unachievable time frames such as one month, 40 days or one week.

Losing weight in a short time is dangerous for the health of our body. So we are careful, we don’t skip steps and we also enjoy ourselves. To lose weight sustainably, the best thing to do is to get used to a healthy and balanced diet again: we give up our usual snacks that are too salty or too sweet.

And since food is important, but so is sport, you should organise your life around various sporting activities to get more exercise. Losing weight is above all a deficit of calories in your body. The principle is simple: you must consume more calories than you take in.

This is achieved by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Once you have established a healthy eating and exercise routine, you can lose weight. For women who are pregnant or those who want to lose weight during Ramadan, meals should be adapted accordingly.

To lose weight sustainably, you have to believe in it and want to lose weight for yourself and not for others or just for the occasion of a holiday or summer holiday.

Losing 15 kilos through diet

To lose 15 kilos through diet, you have to go back to basics. Many of the foods on our plates are not good for our bodies. Your new way of eating should include fruit and vegetables, white meat, whole grains and pulses. Eat only what you need to eat: don’t eat double portions or huge plates.

There are many diets on the Internet that offer weight loss, such as the famous Weight Watchers diet, a low-calorie diet or the Dukan high-protein diet.

With Dukan, you will lose weight but your health may suffer a little. There is also the very famous Thonon diet, which will allow you to lose about 9 to 10 kilos in 15 days, or the cabbage soup diet, which is terribly tiring and frustrating.

The risk of all these diets: regaining twice the weight lost. So to lose weight without putting it back on, we rely instead on chrononutrition, for example, which tells us what our body needs at each moment of the day according to the very famous precept “Eat like a king in the morning, like a prince at lunchtime and like a beggar in the evening. “.

If you feel that you need help to hold on, don’t hesitate to go and see a dietician or a nutritionist who will give you a helping hand so that you don’t give up, but above all, don’t think that you can lose weight by fasting!

Sport to lose 15 kilos

Doing sport will help to remove fat effectively. Men and women who wish to lose 15 kilos without sport, without effort, will not succeed. Your lifestyle must be impeccable and flawless. This will require an unwavering rigour and willpower. To avoid becoming bored, it is important to vary your sports. You can combine exercises to be done at home, outdoor sports and why not indoor sports.

There are a few sports that are nowadays very well known for burning fat and losing weight quickly. It’s the before and after effect that will help you keep the momentum going! Take the elliptical trainer, for example, which will help you work all the muscle groups. Rowing, cycling, swimming, aquabike or aqua aerobics are also very complete. These are cardio sports.

At home, you can do crunches, steps or bodyweight training to slim down your figure by building up your muscles. However, you should not overdo it because the body also needs rest.

The ideal is to start over several weeks with five sports sessions interspersed with two days of rest. The more time passes, the more you will lose the extra kilos and the more you can reduce the number of sessions, but extend their duration. Ideally, you should be able to maintain two to three intensive sports sessions per week for an indefinite period. It is therefore important to choose your sport carefully.

Day 1:

Breakfast: Tea or coffee without sugar. One cottage cheese. Two slices of wholemeal bread. 10 grams of butter. Lemon juiceLunch: Grated carrots seasoned with cumin and rapeseed oil. Fillet of sole with citrus fruit. One portion of brown rice. Steamed green beans. Fruit yoghurt. Snack: Diced apple sprinkled with cinnamon. Dinner: Grilled chicken breast. Mushrooms with garlic and parsley. Vanilla yoghurt.

Day 2:

Breakfast: Tea or coffee without sugar. One soya yoghurt. Three rice cakes. A handful of almonds. One squeezed orange. Lunch: Cauliflower salad with parsley and nut oil. Chicken tagine with aubergines and a little semolina. Cottage cheese. Snack: Grapefruit. Dinner: Tofu wok with vegetables and bean sprouts. Cottage cheese.

Day 3:

Breakfast: Tea or coffee without sugar. A bowl of wholemeal cereal with dried fruit. Oat milk. One banana. Lunch: Two fried eggs. Green salad with avocado and lemon dressing. Two slices of wholemeal bread. One portion of cheese. Snack: A citrus salad. Dinner: Salmon with dill or sorrel. A little leek fondue. A yoghurt.

Day 4:

Breakfast: Tea or coffee without sugar. Four wholemeal rusks. 10 grams of butter. One piece of Emmental cheese. Two kiwis. Lunch: Beetroot salad. Rabbit with mustard, mushrooms and peas. One yoghurt. Snack: 1 fruit juice, preferably home-made. Dinner: Bulgur with curry. A tomato Provençal style. Cottage cheese with red fruit coulis.

Day 5 :

Breakfast: Tea or coffee without sugar. Two slices of nut bread spread with butter. One plain yoghurt. One apple. Lunch: A bowl of pumpkin soup with cinnamon. Stir-fried Chinese noodles with baby vegetables and turkey. One faisselle. Snack: A handful of almonds, hazelnuts and/or sultanas. Dinner: Shrimp sautéed in garlic. Parsleyed salsify. Vanilla yoghurt.

Day 6:

Breakfast: Tea or coffee without sugar. Three Swedish rolls. 10 grams of butter. Strawberry-pear smoothie with semi-skimmed milk. Lunch: Lamb’s lettuce salad. Beef and courgette lasagne. Vanilla curd cheese. Snack: Apple and rhubarb compote. Dinner: Warm quinoa, carrot and coriander salad. Fruit mousse.

Day 7:

Breakfast: Tea or coffee without. A bowl of fruit muesli (no sugar added) with soya milk. One mango. Lunch: Shredded cabbage mix. A portion of veal sauté with tarragon. Sweet peas and jacket potato. Soya yoghurt. Snack: A bowl of raspberries. Dinner: A papillote of whiting with tomato. Pan-fried broccoli. A faisselle
Thanks to these menus, you will now know which foods are allowed and the recommended portions. Then it’s up to you to create your own slimming recipes. But that’s not all! Here are the sports sessions to include in your diet.

For real effectiveness, you should do 2 to 3 times 45 minutes per week of cardio such as rowing, elliptical, cycling or swimming. It also includes 2 to 3 times 30 minutes per week of muscle strengthening and one hour of stretching each week to make your muscles supple and lean.

Losing 15 kilos is possible, but not in 20 days and by following some basic rules for our body.


Lose 15 kilos with walking?

Weight gain is often caused by a lack of physical activity combined with a poor diet.

Losing 15 kilos in a few months is a goal that must be achieved by enjoying healthy eating and moving your body daily.