Lose 15 kilos with walking?

Weight gain is often caused by a lack of physical activity combined with a poor diet.

Losing 15 kilos in a few months is a goal that must be achieved by enjoying healthy eating and moving your body daily.

Walking regularly can be an excellent choice for lasting weight loss.

How walking can help you lose weight

Well known to all those who have tried the gym, Nordic walking has long won over fitness enthusiasts, particularly thanks to the elliptical bike which reproduces the movements of walkers.

If this practice proves to be so effective for losing weight naturally, it is because it is above all an endurance sport that will boost the cardio, and therefore the metabolism.

Muscles develop smoothly and calories are burned more quickly as the sessions progress. Fat disappears quickly and healthily, the stomach becomes flatter, the thighs thinner and the figure more toned.

How do you do it, and how quickly can you expect results?

Walking is ideal for anyone who wants to be physically active but has joint problems, or for women who want a gentle exercise after pregnancy. To reap the benefits of this activity, start each session by walking at a normal pace for 10 minutes.

You then speed up to a faster pace, but one that you feel comfortable with. To make sure you don’t exceed the endurance zone (where you burn the most fat), you should be able to carry on a conversation without being out of breath.

Finally, invest in a mat so that you can stretch quietly when you get home and get your muscles back in place.

A good programme involves at least 3 one-hour sessions per week for a loss of 15 kilos in 4 to 5 months.

Adopt a better diet to lose weight without gaining it back

In addition to walking, it is essential to adopt good eating habits. You don’t need to fast to lose 15 kilos, adopting the right foods at the right times of the day is often enough to get back to a healthy weight.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you must learn to avoid processed foods rich in sugar and salt, and turn to fresh foods that you will cook yourself.

You never exercise on an empty stomach and you fill up on protein to boost your muscles and avoid cravings. The effects of this new lifestyle will be visible quickly.



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