Light summer salad recipe

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For this summer, what could be better than a good recipe for a light, easy and quick salad, as a starter or as a side dish for your barbecues? Original, fresh and healthy, this recipe will satisfy all palates and all gourmet desires, as part of a healthy and slimming diet.

This delicious and colourful recipe is far too tempting to pass up, especially if you’re a fan of healthy, fast food. You can choose from a green salad bowl or a Swiss salad with cheese shortbread and many more. But in any case, to ensure that you can enjoy your balanced dish while keeping your figure, you need to take into account a few tips and essential criteria when making your recipe. First of all, when choosing the ingredients you are going to use, try to choose those that are organic, digestible and above all take those that are less caloric.

The main advantage of this dish is that it is very healthy because the nutrients in the tomatoes, olives, garlic, celery, anchovies, eggs and beans – to name but a few ingredients – complement each other. Despite its rainbow appearance with the profusion of colours, this dish can be prepared in low-calorie mode by using a cookeo to steam some of the ingredients.

The recipe has the merit of being light by design. You can make the dish even healthier by using only anchovies or tuna, but not both. The olive oil should be used sparingly and you can do without the pepper and vinegar because, to stay within the letter of a diet, rubbing the dish with garlic gives it its aroma. Accompanying this salad with white wine, full-bodied red wine or blackcurrant wine should not be considered a sin of gluttony.


-Difficulty 1

-People    4

-Cooking 0 mn

-Preparation 10mn

Calorie for 1 plate

kivalia care & slimming recipe : 180 kcal

Classic recipe : 320 kcal


2 eggs
4 tomatoes
a few fresh basil leaves
1 pepper
1 can of drained tuna
A few olives
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
Arugula salad


  1. Take the eggs
    Prepare the hard-boiled eggs in a pan of boiling water. Once cooked, let them cool down, then shell them and cut them into quarters.
  2. Take the other ingredients
    Cut the tomatoes into quarters and the pepper into strips.
  3. Dressing
    Spread the salad on the plates and add the tomato quarters, the pepper slices and the tuna pieces. Add the eggs, a little oil and season. Enjoy! 

For an even more detox recipe, you can also revisit all the classic summer salad recipes by combining them with strawberries, redcurrants or mango for example.



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