Which sport to lose weight on your thighs?

To lose weight easily, there are training sessions that are worth repeating, especially at home, and sports activities. In particular, aquabiking, swimming, jumping rope and gliding are to be preferred. First of all, water activities – such as swimming and aquabiking – have the advantage of being easy to do and accessible to everyone, including people who are very overweight.

All these activities in water involve the legs to a great extent and to amplify the kicking movement of the legs it is worthwhile to equip yourself with a pair of flippers. Aquabiking combines relaxation and physical exercise. It is an activity that is merciless on the thighs and brings great peace of mind, which is perfect for slimming down quickly and well. The effort produced by cycling is accentuated by the pressure exerted by the water. Jumping rope, on the other hand, is a real workout in its own right. Many professionals use it during their training sessions. Start with short sets and as you get used to it you can naturally increase the pace and length of your sets. You can also adapt this activity to avoid monotony.

Jumping in motion, running jump, crossing the rope or changing legs. And for those who love long walks in the countryside, Nordic walking is considered to be an excellent alternative. It is a real alternative to running and allows you to enjoy the landscape. Pleasure and physical exertion go hand in hand, in an effective combination for the loss of thigh fat. The aim is to move actively and to work the whole lower body. The movements are amplified and sticks are used.

The interest is to cover longer distances and faster. It involves many parts of the body, mainly the thigh. The energy expenditure is estimated to be 40% higher than that of traditional walking and allows all the accumulated fat to be eliminated effectively. Many associations and clubs practice this activity in groups. Finally, sliding activities allow flexion/extension movements of the legs, which are perfect for losing weight. Surfing, skiing, inline skating, snowboarding and ice skating are all part of this training. As for the training series, the practice of certain movements in fitness helps the thighs to slim down.

This is the case, for example, with the side extension. This workout, which focuses mainly on the adductor muscles, is performed while standing upright, with your back not bent and your hands clasped to your chest. Take a step to the right and then bend your right leg. As you do this, your left leg will automatically straighten. Return to your original position and repeat the same movement with the other leg. This is a workout that should be repeated about twenty times on each side.

Lose weight in 3 exercises
Several movements, to be repeated as often as you like and at your own pace, will be effective in removing the fat accumulated in your thighs. They will allow you to lose weight quickly. Their effect will be amplified by regular exercise. And you don’t need any professional equipment to do these workouts. A simple exercise mat is all you need.

1 – Squat. This is a workout for the gluteal muscles and the quadriceps. Stand with your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. Your back should be straight and your arms should be straight forward. Bend your legs down slowly, keeping your back straight until your legs are at a right angle. Then return to your starting position. You will instantly feel your leg and thigh muscles working. Do a series of 5 to 10 movements at first and then increase as you practice.

2 – The side-split jump. This workout also targets the adductors, the area on the inside of the thigh. This is an excellent fat-burning workout, perfect for those who want to build up their thighs while trimming the fat inside their thighs. Stand with your legs apart. Extend your elbows forward with your hands clasped above your head. Then jump up with your arms at your side and your legs together. You can do sets of 10 jumps to start, then at the intermediate level, sets of 20 jumps. Opt for more jumps if you are comfortable.

3 – the pelvic rise. This is a workout that may seem comfortable, since it is done with your back against the floor. However, it is radical on the thighs. It works on the hamstrings, i.e. the inside and back of the thigh. Simply lie on the floor and place your hands slightly away from your body. Your feet should be positioned flat and your legs should be bent. Then simply push your pelvis up as high as you can, making sure your feet stay on the ground. Repeat this movement in sets of 15 or even 20. Alternatively, you can do a variation of this movement with one leg crossed over the other, alternating. This way, your movement will be concentrated on one leg each time, for a more intense effect.