Which shock treatment is effective against cellulite?

Shock treatment for cellulite is the same as shock wave liporeduction. This procedure is particularly effective in reducing the volume of fat cells in a very localized manner.

Liporeduction: a radical treatment to be performed in an institut

Multiple benefits

Wave treatment is undoubtedly a way to fight cellulite. But its benefits go beyond that: you recover a beautiful figure and at the same time, the defibrosing effects of shock waves act in depth on skin problems that can be induced by excess fat.

One usually thinks of orange peel skin, the risk of fibrosis, or indurated cells. But more than that, the treatment accelerates the repair process of tendons, bones and soft tissue in the affected area.

Course of a typical session

Shockwave treatments take place in a specialised treatment institute or in a beauty salon that offers this service. The average session takes about 20 minutes. First of all, a conductive gel is applied to the skin surface to be treated.

In the first stage, the treatment involves micro-injections of a medicinal nature: this involves the infiltration of a physiological serum which will also act as a local anaesthetic. Only then is your body ready to receive the shock waves.

Some specialists will offer you a massage – a palpate and roll – between the two sessions to ensure that the effects are perfectly diffused.

Shockwave treatment – an old method

One of the reasons why this technique is so reliable is that shock waves have been used for decades. There are many treatments for watery and fibrous skin, or for piles, but shockwaves are one of the most innovative in medicine today.

Originally, however, it was used in urology to destroy kidney stones, by cardiologists or by orthopaedists to combat tendonitis. Waves for purely dermatological and aesthetic purposes are a more recent use.

And the results are convincing! In just a few sessions, your orange peel skin is reduced to nothing, your buttocks and thighs firmed up and your skin softened.



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