Which foods can help you lose weight on your thighs?

While weight gain can be caused by a combination of factors, such as eating too much and too richly, there are some reasons for weight gain in your thighs and hips.

This can be a difficult situation, especially for a teenager. This weight gain can be due to hormonal disturbances, childbirth or pregnancy, genetics and a sedentary office job with a lack of physical activity. If these factors are accompanied by poor eating habits, then you can actually gain weight in the thigh area.

Generally, this mainly affects women. But more and more men are affected. It is therefore important to do something about it by adopting good habits.

In order to lose weight in this particular area, certain foods are strictly forbidden, while others are especially renowned for helping to lose fat in this area. But the main point is to adapt this diet with an adapted physical activity, otherwise slimming the thigh will only have a weak effect.

So as far as foods to be avoided are concerned, we say no to fast sugars which tend to be instantly transformed into fat in the body and more specifically in your thighs. You should also avoid alcohol, frozen pizzas, cakes and sodas. Slow sugars are preferred. This is the case with starchy foods, lentils and cereals. For a vegan diet, this is perfect.

The digestion of slow sugars is much slower and does not lead to fat gain. Digestion can be improved significantly, which has a direct impact on the slimming of this area of the body, by eating foods with a high fibre content. These are mainly fruits and vegetables. The most effective for slimming this area are cucumbers, aubergines and cabbage.

As for fruit, it is mainly raspberries, oranges and melons. Homemade recipes, using a thermomix for example, will be ideal to help with weight loss.