Which diet to remove abdominal fat?

Not all fats are bad. The body needs them to produce energy and give us vitality.However, there are some poor quality fats that are responsible for many health problems, including cardiovascular problems. Bad fat is stored in different areas of the body, including the belly. Here are some ideas on how to eliminate belly fat.


Diet: which foods help to melt belly fat?

Certain foods are beneficial for reducing body and belly fat. If you are on a diet, you will certainly find these ingredients in your programme and meals.

Olive oil is ideal for slimming diets. It is favoured for its nutrients and unsaturated fats. It synthesises hormones and reduces cholesterol.

Oats in all their forms help to reduce belly fat: flakes, milk, etc. Its proteins and fibres help to purify the blood, reduce cholesterol levels and encapsulate toxins.

Salmon is a lean fish, perfect for those who want to watch their figure. It helps produce good cholesterol, prevents fat from accumulating and burns excess belly fat.

Green tea is the flagship drink of slimming programmes. It facilitates intestinal transit, regulates blood pressure and lowers glucose levels. It fights stress thanks to the antioxidant it contains. Green tea eliminates calories.

a typical diet to eliminate belly fat

Here is an example of an express diet to get a flat stomach quickly. The ingredients are easy to find. This diet helps to burn fat, purify the body and clean the blood. However, you should not do it for more than 1 day or you risk health problems.

It is also important to remember that an effective diet must be accompanied by physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Here is the express diet for a flat stomach in 24 hours:


Lemon juice

Orange juice

Green tea

Carrot juice

Fruit juice

Grapefruit juice


8 a.m.: Drink a glass of slightly warm water with a few drops of lemon

10 a.m.: Have a glass of water with apple or orange juice

12 noon: Drink a cup of green tea

1 p.m.: Drink a glass of cold water with carrot (preferably juice)

3 p.m.: Drink a cup of tea of your choice

5:00 p.m.: Have a glass of fruit juice of your choice

7 p.m.: Drink a cup of green tea

9 p.m.: Have a glass of water with grapefruit (juice preferred)

10 p.m.: Have a glass of water, not very hot or cold, with lemon juice

Some remarks on belly fat

You should not think that fat is bad for the body. On the contrary, it is essential for the production of energy, the protection of organs from trauma and the maintenance of body temperature.

Eliminating it completely from the body is simply dangerous and can lead to poor health. In the case of vitamin C deficiency, fat protects the arteries.

However, there is bad fat that is dangerous for the body. Bad cholesterol, especially in excess, is responsible for many problems such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. It is therefore a good idea to watch your diet and eliminate bad internal abdominal fat.


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