Which cardio exercises for a flat stomach?

What woman wouldn’t envy a beautiful body with a flat, toned stomach? Among the countless ways to achieve this, there is nothing like cardio-training to help you. In addition to the various diets that play an important role in losing weight around the belly, a series of sports exercises is particularly effective in eliminating abdominal fat and making this area of the body as flat as possible.

With that in mind, here is a range of physical activities, as well as the various positions to maintain in order to have a firm stomach.


Who doesn’t know this dance? Very popular throughout the world, children, young people and adults practice it without exception. Ideal for your heart muscle, it also has the virtue of making you lose belly in only a few sessions. This dance combines energy, rhythm and fast repetitive movements.

How to get a flat stomach with Zumba? 45 to 60 minutes a day can be more than enough time to lose belly fat with sweat. Moreover, its practice solicits the heart as well as the breath in order to acquire more performance and resistance.

The sequences in this programme are quite complete as it helps to prepare all your muscles and contributes to its balance and flexibility.

Doing crunches

Losing belly comes from doing transverse abdominal exercises. Apart from its undeniable effect on cardio and a firm stomach, doing a good sit-up improves your posture and gets rid of abdominal fat.

But what is the main function of the transversus abdominis? That’s a bit easier, as it plays a part in breathing as well as allowing you to hold your gut in the best possible way. That said, between the different abdominal routines, there is the vacuum and the hypopressive abdo.

In addition, the use of specific methods such as HIIT or Pilates will obviously help you lose weight.

This fitness programme, which is very popular with the stars, improves the coordination, flexibility and strength of the practitioner himself.

In short, you can easily lose belly fat by doing a series of simple workouts that don’t take too long.



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