What is the best minced steak for losing weight?

Minced meat is a very popular meat because of its tender, light and tasty taste. Moreover, it is relatively easy to prepare.

Nevertheless, is it advisable to continue to consume them blindly during a diet? This is what we will see.


Organic minced meat and its calories

Minced meat is different, depending on the meat you choose. First of all, it is always advisable to choose lean minced meat. This will limit the amount of calories consumed. But also, tuna mince has fewer calories than pork mince.

In fact, fish meat contains only 120 kcal, which is excellent during a diet.

Between turkey meat and beef, which is a red meat, the lower calorie turkey minced meat will always be better.

The composition of minced meat

The nutritional value of minced meat also varies depending on the meat. For example, ground turkey meat contains up to 24 g of protein per 100 g and only 1 g of fat. For a healthy meal, you should choose light meat.

The preparation of the meat will also have a big impact on your figure, even if the minced meat has little fat.

A good alternative: vegan minced meat

If you are vegan, you can buy a substitute for minced meat by making your own with tofu. If you season it properly, it will taste as good as a market hamburger.

In addition, tofu minced meat contains very little fat, only the fat you add for cooking, which is ideal for slimming down your figure. Tofu minced meat is also gluten-free.

What type of cooking is best for losing weight?

If you opt for home-made cooking (the best solution), we advise you to choose 100% vegetable oils, which are low in calories. Also, be careful with the sauce you use. Sauces, such as soy sauce, can be quite high in calories.

Don’t go for breaded burgers either, as the breadcrumbs are often made from flour, which is fattening. The same goes for the bread in burgers. If you can afford it, grilling on a barbecue is the best solution.

If you used to not pay attention to the cooking of your hamburger, it is time to do so. Even if you choose a lean meat, the ingredients you add can make you fat. If necessary, consult a nutritionist for the best advice.



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