What diet to follow without being tired ?

You may be thinking that a diet is exhausting for your body and mind because you are already imagining the intense effort required for sports and all the food deprivations.

However, there are effective solutions that are less restrictive because they preserve your health, your energy and your basic needs without creating deficiencies or fatigue

Comply with the Thonon diet

The thonon method allows you to lose up to 10 KG in 2 weeks. It is based on a low-calorie, high-protein diet. In this way, fat is eliminated quickly but the muscle mass remains present. The diet in question authorizes the consumption of as much seasonal fruit as you want, either in its natural state or in the form of a smoothie.

However, you must remain reasonable on certain fruits such as bananas (2 per day maximum). You can substitute them with dried fruits (dates, grapes, apricots…) which are excellent appetite suppressants. Moreover, the glycemic index (GI) is low but the energy intake is remarkable. It is therefore easy to lose weight without feeling tired.

Adopting the Atkins diet

This method is based on a diet low in sugars but not gluten-free. It is recommended to eat normally, 3 times a day or to eat 4 to 5 light meals. It is also important not to skip any meals. During the slimming phase, the daily consumption of 115 gr to 175 gr of hyperprotein is necessary.

To this must be added 20 g of sugars, 15 g of which are provided by cooked vegetables and salads.

Finally, the Atkins method recommends 8 glasses of water or other drinks that promote weight loss (detox water, sugar-free smoothie, etc.).

Follow the Dukan diet

This method relies on the consumption of 100 “authorized” foods at will. Veal chop, beef fillet, quail, swordfish, sea bream, shrimp, prawns are all on the list.

Oat bran, artichoke, asparagus, goji berries and olive oil can also be included in a vegan slimming diet.

The authorized ingredients make it possible to concoct nearly 800 different recipes, thus avoiding stress and fatigue.

The secrets of the natman diet

The objective of this weight loss method is to lose 4 kg in only 4 days. Meat and vegetables are the stars of the proposed low-calorie program. There is no risk of deficiency since the total duration of deprivation is very short.

In addition, the authorized foodstuffs are consumed as much as you want, which acts against the feeling of hunger. Coffee and tea are taken without sugar and without restriction in terms of quantity. Lunches consist of grilled steak accompanied by vegetables and fruits that calm the stomach and avoid snacking.

After 4 days, it is easier to adopt a balanced diet.

The ketogenic diet

Like the previous methods, this one is also anti chronic fatigue. It does not cause muscle loss but eliminates fat effectively.

The following are allowed: lemon juice, green vegetables, eggs, fish and seafood as well as firm cheeses (the latter should only be consumed at a maximum of 100g/day).

These methods can be combined with the practice of a sport for more efficiency. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself to the extreme, it is a question of balance. However, it is not recommended to follow a slimming diet during pregnancy, except on medical advice. In all cases, choose natural products.


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