Water retention: essential oils to your rescue!

Water retention. It makes us have swollen legs, ankles, face, belly or even hands… That we don’t feel very well in our skin. Draining, diuretic, decongestant, certain essential oils come to your aid to fight it by eliminating excess water.

Which essential oil to fight against excess fluid?

There is not only one, but several essential oils that you can rely on to put an end to water retention. For its draining and diuretic properties, juniper EO is a very effective natural remedy against this problem.

The drainage activated by the EO will indeed allow to dislodge the liquids trapped in the tissues – causing the swellings -, by evacuating them by biliary or urinary ways. How to use it ?

The simplest use of the essential oil is to prepare a massage oil by diluting 4 to 5 drops of juniper EO in sweet almond or macadamia vegetable oil. Stimulating blood circulation and the expulsion of toxins, lemon EO will relieve heavy or swollen legs. It can be administered orally, by adding, for example, 2 drops of lemon essential oil to a chamomile tea.

Other anti water retention EO

Natural anti-inflammatory, the grapefruit EO is part of the EO recommended to fight against water retention localised on the lower limbs. Swelling of the legs, ankles or feet, to reduce oedemas, it will be applied in massage, 3 times a day, always diluted in a vegetable oil.

Massage starting with the ankles and working upwards. Decongestant, Cypress EO will fight swelling by promoting the proper functioning of a lymphatic and venous system. Excellent stimulant of lymphatic drainage, it is also a good natural remedy to treat cellulite.

Here is an idea for a recipe to make your own anti-water retention massage oil: mix in a 50 ml bottle, 4 ml of Atlas cedar EO, 3 ml of pistachio mastic, 3 ml of cypress EO and complete with macadamia vegetable oil.

Essential oils and water retention: precautions for use

Under the effect of the hormones, it is not rare that a problem of water retention appears during pregnancy. Essential oils are generally contraindicated for children under 6 years of age and for pregnant women.

Other natural solutions such as cinnamon, ginger or lemon infusions can be used.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle: eating less salt, less sugar and less fat, being physically active and drinking enough water.



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