Walking: a great ally for losing weight quickly!

Do you want to lose weight by working out, but are not really interested in sport? Walking is a great way to exercise

The different walking options

You don’t have to turn to jogging or brisk walking to lose weight. Studies have shown that a moderate 30-minute walk can provide many health benefits and has the added advantage of contributing to weight loss.

Another option is intermittent walking: 10 minutes at a moderately fast pace and 5 minutes of slow walking (and then repeating this sequence for up to 30 minutes), which has excellent results – as long as you can fit three sessions a week into your schedule.

Nordic walking, which uses poles similar to those used for skiing, allows more dynamic movement without tiring. To motivate yourself, wear a pedometer; you will be inclined to add more steps every day. You’ll see, it works!

Where to walk?

Wherever possible, in fact. Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator when it’s only a few floors; or park the car further away from your work for a little extra walking exercise each day.

If you have time, take a 10-minute walk during your lunch hour, weather permitting. Avoid taking the car for errands that are best done on foot from home; a backpack or shopping cart is very useful for bringing in heavier items.

Often, without really realising it, walking can be combined with social or cultural activities (visiting exhibitions, picnics in the countryside, going to the library, and so on).

Walk often…why?

Because it is the addition of walking periods that will allow you to burn calories efficiently, increase your cardiovascular and respiratory health, lower your hypertension if you have it, prevent osteoporosis, manage your stress and improve your mood. Doing this activity every day for just three months will reduce your weight by several kilos.

Keep in mind that you will burn at least 150 kcal after a 30-minute walk at a moderate pace. It has also been proven that people who walk outdoors on a regular basis keep their minds clear and are less prone to depressive episodes. Unlike jogging, for example, which can cause joint problems – especially for people with obesity – walking has no contraindications.

Don’t hesitate to turn to walking not only to lose weight, but also for the many health benefits. Start slowly at first and increase your pace after 10 minutes. Get good, comfortable shoes; consider wearing cotton socks for longer walks.

It is also important to bring a bottle of water to keep you well hydrated, especially in the hot season. To motivate yourself further, organise a walking tour with a friend or friends; you will be doing them a favour. If you prefer to walk alone, take the opportunity to take a deep breath and admire the beauty of the landscape on your way.  


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