The Thonon diet to lose 5 kilos

It appeared at the CHU of Thonon-les-bois. It is a very restrictive but particularly effective weight loss diet. It allows a rapid weight loss of up to 10 kilos in 14 days

The diet is based on a daily consumption of about 1000 calories of protein.

If you follow this diet correctly, you will have every chance of losing those 5 kilos that are ruining your life in a healthy, easy and natural way.

The Thonon diet: highly effective for losing 5 kg

This diet has been designed to quickly lose much more than 5 kilos. Of course, you need a good dose of stamina and motivation to complete this diet, especially the consolidation phase, which is known to be difficult, lasting one week per kilo lost.

On the other hand, although it is low-calorie and high-protein, the Thonon diet has the advantage of a varied diet. A good idea would be to start with a detox diet for a few days, with lemon for example, to eliminate toxins, cleanse the body and start on the right foot.

Drink plenty of water to accompany the body on this journey and avoid light or alcoholic drinks. This is a diet that forbids many foods, the feeling of hunger during the day can be fought by chewing sugar-free gum.

For the success of this diet, avoid deviations, snacks and nibbles, and do not reverse the meals.

Menu during the 14 days of the Thonon programme

Day 1 and 8 :

Morning: unlimited sugar-free coffee or tea.

Noon: two hard-boiled eggs, spinach without salt as much as you like.

Evening: one large grilled steak or three small chopped steaks, green salad and celery as much as you like.

Day 2 and 9:

Morning: Coffee or tea without sugar with a little milk.

Lunch: a large grilled steak without fat, green salad and tomatoes

Evening: All-you-can-eat cooked ham.

Day 3 and 10:

Morning: coffee or tea without sugar and a cereal roll

Lunch: two hard-boiled eggs, green salad and tomatoes as much as you like.

Evening: all you can eat cooked ham and green salad.

Day 4 and 11:

Morning: coffee or tea without sugar, cereal roll

Noon: a hard-boiled egg, cooked or raw carrots, a piece of Gruyère cheese.

Evening: as much fruit as you like, a whole plain yoghurt.

Day 5 and 12:

Morning: grated carrots with lemon juice, black coffee or tea.

Noon: a piece of fish cooked in court bouillon and seasoned with pepper and spices, two tomatoes.

Evening: a normal grilled steak, any green salad to be dressed with different vinegars.

Day 6 and 13:

Morning: unlimited coffee or tea without sugar, a cereal roll such as wholemeal bread, seed bread, bran bread, etc.

Lunch: as much grilled chicken breast as you like.

Evening: two hard-boiled eggs, as many cooked or raw carrots as you like.

Day 7 and 14:

Morning: coffee or tea or lemon tea.

Noon: a large grilled steak, as much fruit as you like.

Evening: Joker meal – you can eat as much as you like within reason.

Stabilisation phase of the Thonon diet

After the first 14 days of the THONON DIET, the weight loss will vary, depending on your starting weight. Whatever the resultsThis period allows you to avoid the yo-yo effect by eating in a very balanced way with a calorie intake that is always lower than the norm. Several formulas exist and can be chosen according to gender, lifestyle etc.

This stage, which must be followed at a rate of one week per kilo lost in the previous phase, is not only necessary but also essential.



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