The ideal paleo diet for a flat stomach?

The paleo diet is a slimming method whose opinions are unanimous. More than just a diet, it is in fact a slimming programme with very real benefits.

Born in 1985 by Dr. Jean Signalet, a French doctor, this programme is now all the rage. Is it the ideal diet to get a flat stomach and how do you go about it? With the right challenge and the right physical activity, you can achieve the belly you want.

-The paleo diet for a flat stomach
One of the many advantages of this diet is that it allows you to lose unwanted weight and quickly and easily regain a slim body. This is mainly the case during the first 6 months, as a result of the food rebalancing.

This weight loss also targets the fat in the abdominal area, while significantly improving digestion. The result is clear: a flat stomach that suits you.

However, it is important not to rely solely on this new diet and to combine it with sports exercises, such as fitness or abdominal exercises.

In this way, you will regain the benefits of the food and at the same time enjoy the basic benefits of sport. For a slim belly like you’ve always dreamed of.

-The paleo fitness diet for belly loss
In addition to your diet and the recipes to be made with your thermomix (to make homemade fruit juices or fresh fruit smoothies for example), the idea is to opt for the paleo fitness diet. The idea is to adapt naturally to your environment, just as our ancestors did.

Developed by Erwan Le Corre, a French sportsman, the principle is to make natural movements such as swimming, climbing, carrying, running or crawling.

The disadvantages of the paleo diet for losing belly fat
This diet can seem quite monotonous and frustrating in some respects. Indeed, many forbidden foods can create a deficiency, especially for people who are used to eating certain foods such as dairy (calcium), meat or fats. In addition, weight regain is possible after 6 months, with the famous bad yoyo effect. To avoid deficiencies, which are very likely with this low-carb diet, it is best to take vitamin D supplements.

In addition, you will need to follow a fairly strict discipline as this is a diet with significant restrictions, which can cause a feeling of hunger and a lack of fatty ingredients.

If you are unsure or have liver or hormone problems, it is best to consult a nutritionist beforehand. Finally, this diet can cause eating disorders in some people.