The extreme fat burner for weight loss

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This is thermogenesis, “heat production by the body”, which leads the body to consume energy and thus burn calories efficiently. The extreme fat burner helps to accentuate this phenomenon by stimulating the fat-storing cells

In this way, it leads to a reduction in fat mass, weight loss and a “drying” of the muscles and the whole body, all within a few months.

Extreme fat burners = weight loss and muscle drying

An extreme fat burner works by stimulating the body’s ability to eliminate as much stored fat mass as possible. While carbohydrate-rich foods provide only 15% of the total energy the body uses to burn calories, protein-rich extreme fat burners provide up to 35%.

My figure looks more muscular after 3 weeks of treatment. The results come quickly, transforming your figure by slimming and sculpting it (muscle drying). These food do not completely replace sport, but if you combine the two, you will get even better results and your cardio system will be better protected.

Advantages and disadvantages: some products are natural, others not!

Some of the elements that go into the composition of the extreme fat burners on sale in pharmacies, on the internet, in gyms or in specialised shops are well known.

Among them are ingredients whose effectiveness is no longer in question: green coffee, caffeine, yerba mate, capsaicin, guarana, green tea and chitosan and appetite suppressants such as chromium and forskolin.

Other ingredients, chemical ones this time, are not necessarily “recommendable”: ephedrine, p-synephrine and yohimbine for lack of hindsight or scientific tests.

I love coffee, should I stop drinking it? No. Caffeine is a component of extreme fat burners, which means that coffee consumption must be reduced or even eliminated.

Association with natural “fat burning” foods

All these foods capture and destroy fat in the stomach thanks to some of their natural components such as pectin and fibre. But they are doubly interesting because they offer other qualities that increase the positive results of an extreme fat-burning cure.

– Aubergine and apple (fibre and pectin): better intestinal transit, appetite suppressant.

– Steamed green beans, cabbage, celery, peppers, broccoli (vitamins and diuretics): anti-oxidant qualities.

– Oat bran (soluble and insoluble fibre): intestinal comfort and satiating properties.

– Pineapple and pineapple stem (fat destroying enzyme): the tissues surrounding cellulite are “broken down”.

– Lemon (citric acid): detox effect.

– Dairy, lean meat, eggs, fish (animal proteins): anti-stress and anti-fatigue.

– Wholegrain cereals (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, minerals): satiety and anti-fatigue effect, intestinal comfort.

– Cinnamon: prevents the transformation of sugar into fat in the blood. Excellent substitute for refined sugar.

Extreme fat burners are effective in weight loss and muscle leaning but you must use products that have been scientifically tested and proven to work. Don’t hesitate to consult specialists who know about the different products on the market and their effectiveness, and take the advice of people who have already used them. 


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