The drastic diet to lose 20 kilos

Being 20 kg overweight is a big deal and it is also a huge challenge to try to lose it.

Whether for a man or a woman, those 20 kilos can mean a lot of unhappiness in everyday life.

There are currently several methods available to help you lose those extra pounds.Some are stricter than others and also freer. For those of you who want to go on a crash diet, here’s everything you need to know.

What menu to adopt each day for rapid weight loss

To lose 20 kg quickly, it is essential to eat as few calories as possible. This means very light meals and foods with a very low calorie intake. From the moment you decide to start, there will be no more chocolate bars for snacking or cake for dessert.

There will be no more aperitifs or drunken parties and, above all, no fat. So forget about fast food and takeaways of all kinds, which are very bad for your health and your figure.

In the morning: a sugar-free yoghurt, a piece of fruit and a sugar-free hot drink.

Lunch: boiled or steamed vegetables with lean meat from the oven or grill.

In the evening: fruit or vegetable soup. Forget about nibbling.

What are the risks of the crash diet?

Specialists’ opinions on this type of strict diet are very clear-cut. Indeed, even if this diet allows you to lose weight quickly, it can represent a danger to your health in the long term.

There is a risk of deficiency as a direct consequence of this type of diet, which is not very diversified and does not provide the body with much nutritional value. In addition, there is the yo-yo effect.

This means that during the diet phase you will see results quickly. But if you abuse your diet and try to return to a normal diet, you will regain the lost weight just as quickly.

What advice do I need to lose weight sustainably?

The most important thing to lose weight is to burn the fat that the body has stored. To do this, you need a balanced diet, i.e. everything in small quantities, and regular exercise. You can choose the sport you prefer, for example the treadmill in the gym or weight training or long bike rides to change your mind and lose weight.

Losing 20 kilos is a lot, but it can be done. If you want to do it quickly, beware of the side effects that can very quickly ruin all your efforts. The drastic diet remains a very popular solution because it is effective in the short term. It is up to you to manage your diet afterwards so that you do not regain the lost kilos.


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