The cohen diet for vegetarians too?

The Cohen diet is known for its flexibility. It is easy to follow and fits perfectly with all lifestyles, including that of vegetarians. The principle is to eat whatever you want, but in reasonable quantities.

In other words, you should not exceed 1,400 calories per day, which is already an advantage for vegetarians, as plant-based products are often low-calorie. It should be noted that even if no restrictions are recommended, you should still avoid foods that are too fatty and too sweet.

How can I follow the Cohen diet as a vegetarian?
Meat and fish provide essential nutrients, including proteins containing essential amino acids. But the good news is that it is perfectly possible to replace them with vegetable proteins. So there is no need to overdo eggs and dairy products to make up for the shortfall, as this could have adverse health effects.

The creator of the diet, Dr Cohen, suggests instead combining them with legumes such as chickpeas, lentils, beans, etc. There are also cereals and pulses. Soya and all its derivatives are to be preferred. Quinoa is also an excellent source of nutrients that should not be deprived.

Examples of vegetarian menus for the Cohen diet
Menu 1
Breakfast: sugar-free tea, 2 slices of wholemeal bread + 10 grams of butter, 1 plain soya yoghurt, 1 apple
Lunch: 1 large plate of mixed salad with lemon juice and olive oil, 120 g of seitan, 100 g of quinoa, 1 portion of ultra lean cheese, steamed green beans, 1 orange
Dinner: cucumber and tomato salad + homemade raw vegetable sauce, 100 g brown rice, 100 g boiled lentils, 1 bowl of fruit salad
Menu 2
Breakfast: sugar-free coffee, 40 g oatmeal + skimmed milk, red fruit
Lunch: 1 large plate of rocket, tomato and parsley salad with lemon juice and rapeseed oil, 100 grams of spaghetti Al Dente, 2 poached eggs, steamed broccoli, 1 plain yoghurt, 1 peach
Dinner: vegetable soup, green salad, 100 g mashed potatoes, 1 portion of low-fat cheese, 1 slice of watermelon
Menu 3
Breakfast: sugar-free tea, 10 grams of butter + two slices of wholemeal bread, 1 natural yoghurt, 1 mandarin orange
Lunch: 1 large plate of raw vegetables of your choice, 120 g of tofu, steamed cauliflower, 25 g of gouda cheese, 1 pear
Dinner: green salad, 1 raw tomato, 100 g boiled kidney beans, 1 plain yoghurt, 1 mango