The anti-sugar detox diet to lose weight quickly

To lose weight, there are several rules that are important to follow.

The first is a balanced diet and regular exercise. The second is that a balanced diet should contain as little fat and sugar as possible.

Researchers and dieticians have proven that sugar is just as bad for your health and weight as carbohydrates.

So here’s what you need to know about the anti-sugar diet to be able to lose your extra kilos in a few days, as well as a programme for your first 3 days.

The main principles of the anti-sugar detox diet

The principle is actually quite simple: ban all glucose and sucrose or additives found in industrial products. When you buy a packet of sweets or industrial biscuits, you should know that it is full of them. Even savoury products are sweetened in one way or another.

The point here is to banish glucose in all its forms. Empty your cupboards of any coconut sugar, caster sugar, barley sugar, brown sugar or cane sugar you have and make room for fruit and vegetables that contain fructose in its natural state to prevent your body from going into withdrawal.

You should also forget about sweet products such as vanilla dessert creams or alcohol, which contain a lot of calories.

How to make a success of your anti-sugar detox programme?

For it to be effective, you obviously need good will. Start by removing all the temptations that are in your house. Then, eat only natural products without processing or that you have cooked to make delicious home-made dishes.

Cooking your own food is a way of controlling calorie intake and ensuring that it fits in with your programme. Just because you can’t eat sucrose doesn’t mean your recipes have to be bland.

There are plenty of sugar substitutes that can perfectly enhance the taste of your desserts without being bad for your diet. Plus, it’s a good opportunity to test your thermomix.

Typical days

Menu day 1


Green tea
Rye bread toast
Ricotta cheese


Shrimp risotto
Pear yoghurt


Cream of mushroom soup
Grated Apple with Cinnamon

Menu day 2


Green tea


Soya salad with mushrooms
Duck aiguillettes with white beans
Fruit salad with orange blossom


Radish Soup
Pasta with Tuna and Spinach
Yoghurt with fresh pineapple

Menu Day 3


Green tea
Plain muesli


Marinated chicken salad
Fresh cheese


Pumpkin and Hazelnut Soup
Salmon Tartar and Green Salad
Baked apple with cinnamon

It’s very difficult to stop eating sweet foods or products, especially for women who love to console themselves with these little treats in times of trouble. But a low-fat, sugar-free diet has many health and weight-loss benefits. In addition, the diet suggested above will allow you to fill up on vitamins throughout the day. The reviews on this subject are very positive.



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