Terms conditions and policy

(please note the following conditions applicable from January 2023)

management gives itself the right :
These terms, conditions and policy of KIALIA may be modified, improved, or added to at any time.

1. For every appointment, we take time to call you and SMS you from the morning, 1 day before to have your
confirmation of your attendance. You will have until 7pm in the evening to give a reply back, SMS OR CALL. If no
reply, no message on messenger, no SMS or no call, we will have to cancel your reservation to make room for
another customer available.

2. From the day of your consultation, your 1st session will be booked from the following week at the earliest.

3. Our Team always try the best for the clients; so if somebody cancels, we can propose you to change the time of
your session, and make a note that it’s a PROPOSITION only and it’s not mandatory so if you manage and if it is
better for you, you can take the proposed time that we have and if you can not , it is remains the same.

4. If you confirm your appointment and you are not present for the session, your session will be canceled and lost.

5. During your treatments, we can not make the session if you are on your periods!! It is very important for your health.
At every call for Confirmation, we will ask you if you are not on your periods to be safe and if in case you have your
periods, no worries, your session will be rescheduled. The only area that you can do is FACE.

6. Always try to be on time at your session. Being late can happen but take note that if you come late, the time of your
treatment will be reduced and because we have another client after you, we will not take the time at the following
client about your LATE ARRIVING.

7. Take note that if you are late for more than 25 min, we will refuse you, better to cancel and reschedule it..

8. In the event of an ambiguous, disrespectful, sexual, or racism and offense attitude, the management and staff
reserve the right to refuse the client and not to continue with the treatment and sessions. The establishment will
be obliged to ask the client to leave the premises, without refund.

9. To ensure that the body responds well to ultrasonic fat cavitation, your client should
drink 2 L of water per day 24-48 h before treatment.

10. Maintaining a low-calorie, low-carb, low-fat, low-sugar diet for 24-48 hours before
Treatment will help you get the best results. This ensures that the body uses the
triglycerides (a type of body fat) released by the fat cavitation process. If appropriate,
Also encourage yourself, Many find it to be a Great starting point for maintaining a
healthier lifestyle in the future.

11. Do not have a large meal on the day of the session and wait about 1h30 after the
meal before making a cavitation session. This can make the session unpleasant.

12. It is necessary to remove all metal objects and jewelry from the body

13. Number of sessions: a cavitation and/or Radiofrequency treatment lasts a minimum of
6 sessions, with 16 sessions in total (few matter the area to be treated). To restart a
treatment again, it is necessary to wait a minimum of a month and a half.

14. If you drink more than 2 Liters a day, we will agree to book you 2 sessions per week


1. During the session, you can’t smoke & eat. You have to be clean.

2. Note that some people are not eligible for cavitation, radio frequency and lipolaser treatments:
– Those who have “3H” (hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia)
– Pregnant, menstruating or breastfeeding women
– Those who have recently undergone surgical injuries or convalescence (from 4 to 6 months depending on
the injury)
– Those with epilepsy, severe diabetes and hyperthyroidism
– Those with malignant tumors, hemophilia or severe bleeding
– Those who have skin diseases or infectious diseases
– Those who suffer from severe gynecological diseases even if treated
– Those who have a metal equipment on the areas treated (be careful for face, and metal teeths)

3. Note that some people need a medical agreement of doctor to do the treatment:
– Those with thyroid dysfonctionnement
– Those with less than 3 months after delivery
– Those with diabete
– Cancer, or after the cancer has been cured until treatment has been stopped
for 12 months, and you must have the approval of your GP before starting
– Any medication that affects liver function
– Dermatological problems

4. After the session, the treatment works again during 1-2 days, so you can feel an uncomfortable sensation,
abdominal pain as if you had done an intensive abdominal exercise session. Also, depending on the sensitivity of
the client, you can get bruises and redness. No worries, it’s normal, after a few days, everything will go.

5. During all your treatment, you can feel the need to pee more, to drink more. Some clients can notice the oil when
they pee. Everything is normal and even a good sign.

6. Note that the treatment can’t be done on someone less than 18 years old.

7. Risk of sides effect of cavitation, radio frequency and vacuum (after few days the symptoms are disappear):
● Ringing in the ears caused by passing sound waves.
● Increase in the need to urinate due to the consumption of extra water and the
process of eradicating
● of fat from the body.
● Customers may feel an increase in energy levels or may feel restless.
● Sensation of heat caused by the energy produced by the broken fat cells when they
implode and will stop shortly after treatment. Tingling on the surface of the skin. This
occurs where the nerves in the epidermis react with the contact gel or cream.
● Discomfort during treatment is caused by pressure during treatment, but take care to
ask your customer and gauge from her feedback.
● Redness on the surface of the skin due to heat, which disappears a few hours after

● Does your circumference increase after treatment? This is a temporary swelling due
to trauma of the subcutaneous fat and generally disappears within 24 hours.
● Slight bruising. Although rare, this is worth mentioning as it can happen.
● Temporary swelling
● Redness
● Tingling
● Persistent erythema
● Hives

NOTE: People with darker skin are at higher risk of side effects of laser and RF treatments.


These three beauty and cosmetic care techniques help your body and face improve the
appearance. Cures can be combined together for optimal results. Of course, for lose weight and
lose extra pounds, it is advisable to have a healthy lifestyle, reduce fatty acids, fats and
carbohydrates in your diet, sugars, drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters of water minimum per
day), Also start a regular physical activity, a sports activity such as cardio for example In order to
build muscle and refine your figure, start a balanced diet for an effective Detox, a healthy diet,
and why not add to you daily life a intake of slimming products and/or food supplements or
natural slimming capsules to slim down and achieve visible results faster.
Results vary depending on your metabolism, skin texture, alcohol, lifestyle, diet,
hydration, and daily activities.


1. At KIVALIA, you can pay by card, Revolut or cash. we don’t accept cheques. An invoice will be given for each
2. Note that All refund requests exceeding 15 days after payment, will not be accepted so no possibility of refund.
You can be replaced by a family member or friend, offered as an option to pass on your treatment to someone else.
3. The refund fee is 50€ and will be deducted from the amount due. Any sessions done will also be deducted from
the refund request.
4. From our acceptance of your refund request, the process can take from 10-14 days to be refunded.
RETURN OF MERCHANDISE (under certain conditions)
1. In its original packaging in excellent condition, unopened and unused, with its receipt, remember to ask for it at the
time of your purchase within a maximum return period of 7 days.
2. The item will be exchanged for the product of your choice (depending on available stocks and the current price on
the day of your exchange) you will pay the difference if necessary. Or at your convenience, a credit note may be
granted, it will be valid for 30 days. No refunds will be made.

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