Sports programme to lose weight in 1 week

Do you want to lose weight naturally and achieve visible results in just 1 week? The solution is to start exercising.

For better organisation, consider drawing up a detailed sports schedule. The programme is even more effective if you alternate the different types of exercise.

To help you, here is a sample schedule that will allow you to lose weight in 7 days. It is advisable to start on Monday and to begin each session with a 5 to 10 minute warm-up.

Example of a sports programme to lose weight in 1 week


Morning: 20 minutes of brisk walking
Afternoon: 45 minutes of swimming


Morning: 30 minutes jogging
Afternoon: 1 hour of aerobics


Morning: 30 minutes of lunge
Afternoon: 1 hour of Zumba (indoor or home)

Thursday = rest

Morning: 15 minutes of stretching
Afternoon: 20 minutes walking


Morning: 30 minutes of yoga
Afternoon: 1 hour of weight training (15 minutes rowing, 15 minutes abs, 15 minutes push-ups, 15 minutes squat


Morning: 30 minutes skipping
Afternoon: 45 minutes swimming


Morning: 20 minutes running
Afternoon: 45 minutes cycling (outdoor or elliptical)

Menus adapted to this one-week sports programme

You now know how to lose weight in a week by setting up a consistent sports schedule. But to have all the energy you need, you need motivation and a diet that is suitable for sport and weight loss. Here are some examples of the menu for the 7 days.

Day 1

Morning: sugar-free tea, wholemeal bread + butter, 1 banana
Lunch: veal cutlet, steamed spinach, 1 apple
Evening: grilled steak, green salad, 1 slice of pineapple

Day 2

Morning: sugar-free tea, muesli + skimmed milk, 1 orange
Lunch: grilled steak, tomato salad, fruit salad
Evening: cooked ham, grated carrot, 1 avocado

Day 3

Morning: coffee without sugar, 2 slices of cereal bread, 1 mango
Lunch: 2 eggs in an omelette, steamed broccoli, 1 mandarin orange
Evening: rice with shrimp, Italian salad, 1 pear

Day 4

Morning: sugar-free coffee, oatmeal + skimmed milk, 2 kiwis
Lunch: grilled chicken, cucumber salad, 1 plain yoghurt
Evening: courgette soup, fruit salad

Day 5

Morning: sugar-free tea, 2 slices of wholemeal bread + butter, red fruit
Lunch: grilled fish, tomato salad, 1 apple
Evening: spaghetti al dente with low-fat cheese, 1 egg omelette, 1 mango

Day 6

Morning: sugar-free coffee, muesli + skimmed milk, 1 slice of papaya
Lunch: grilled veal, low-fat Italian salad, 1 mandarin orange
Evening: 2 boiled eggs, raw vegetables, 5 strawberries

Day 7

Morning: sugar-free tea, 2 slices of cereal bread, fruit salad
Lunch: grilled fish, raw tomato, 1 banana
Evening: cabbage soup, 1 portion of low-fat cheese, 1 pear



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