Secrets of the vegetarian sandwich

Vegetarianism is an increasingly popular diet. A few years ago, it still suffered from many prejudices and was approached with caution if not with a lot of preconceptions. With increasing media coverage and the support of many doctors and sportsmen, vegetarianism is gradually winning the hearts of consumers.

Especially since it is now common knowledge that eating vegetarian does not imply any deprivation since all omnivorous menus have their vegetarian equivalent. That’s why we’re proposing today to discover a simple, easy, nutritious and light recipe: the vegetarian sandwich.

For a simple treat, opt for a vegetarian sandwich!
Let’s start with a little reminder of what a vegetarian dish is. This diet simply excludes animal products: meat and fish. Often associated with a sporty and healthy lifestyle, a vegetarian meal is often gluten-free and low in calories.

A vegetarian sandwich is therefore not tasteless, as you can use meat, sausage or fish substitutes. But even without these products, you can make an original, protein-rich sandwich with cereals, raw vegetables, cheese and many other tasty ingredients.

Vegetarian sandwich, ready for the challenge?
You will see that this challenge is not so difficult to take up. On average, a vegetarian sandwich has a total of 350 to 380 kcal. Here is an example of an easy recipe:

1 wholemeal bread for filling
1 hard-boiled egg
1 small pot of cheese spread such as garlic and herbs
20 grams of grated carrots
a few leaves of lamb’s lettuce or mesclun
Lemon juice
Start by cooking the hard-boiled egg.

Meanwhile, prepare all the other ingredients on a clean work surface.

Cut the bread in half lengthwise.

Spread the cheese on one side of the sandwich.

Place a few salad leaves on top.

Grate the carrots finely and sprinkle with a little lemon juice.

Place the grated, seasoned carrots on top of the salad.

Remove the shell from the hard-boiled egg and cut it into slices.

Place the egg slices all along the bread.

Close it up, your sandwich is ready!

Eating vegetarian can be scary for some people because of the fear of nutritional deficiencies, but in reality it is very easy to concoct tasty and balanced recipes without animal meat.

Most of the time, these dishes are just as good and nutritious, but above all, they are lighter, which is good for your figure and your health!