Our tips for a flat stomach in 10 minutes a day

It’s not often easy to get a flat stomach with deep obliques! You need to be armed with effective tips to get rid of your unsightly bulges and get a flat stomach in ten minutes a day. Find out here what tips you need for the 10-minute-a-day flat stomach operation.

Favouring an anti-puffiness diet

When we look for solutions to get a flat stomach, we often forget that the solution lies in our plate.

A bloated stomach is sometimes the result of bloating. And this bloating is often due to what you eat, because there are foods that disturb your digestion and irritate your intestinal flora.

To keep a flat stomach, avoid raw and unprocessed foods, which make bloating easier. You should also avoid foods that are too rich in gluten, legumes (beans, lentils, etc.) and fruits and vegetables that are too high in fibre (celery, cabbage, figs, leeks, etc.).

Shaping your stomach

To have a beautiful flat stomach, it takes some effort! You can’t expect to have a smooth, muscular belly without the will and daily maintenance. You will need to make an effort if you want to sculpt and shape your stomach.

On the programme, short sessions of abdominal exercises and sheathing every day to combat the small amount of weight and to have well-defined abs! In order to achieve chocolate bars, physical exercise is your best ally.

Give yourself a massage

To complement your ab workouts, consider the benefits of massage while showering. To firm up your tissues, use the palpate and roll technique to remove unsightly cellulite and break up dimpled skin. This technique is done after a cold water jet on the chest and stomach. Massage in a clockwise direction, pinching and pressing the skin so that it comes off. This will help you get a flat stomach naturally.


This exercise targets your obliques and abs and is very effective.

To do the crunches, lie on your back with your legs bent at right angles and your hands behind your neck. Contract your abs and lift your head and shoulders off the floor. Bring your right elbow into contact with your left knee, making your right leg extend at a 45 degree angle.

Do the same with your left elbow and right knee without returning to the starting position. These 2 movements are one repetition. Try to do at least 7 continuous sets every day to work the deep muscles in your stomach. You can return to the starting position between reps.

Doing a sport that you enjoy

The secret of fitness is tonicity. Being sedentary makes it difficult to move! So you need to get moving! You should try to set aside a few minutes for walking every day, avoiding the car and lifts! To get your abdominal muscles in shape and a flat stomach, you should go swimming, as this will stretch your whole body!

In short, you need to strengthen your abdominal muscles with a daily activity that you enjoy and that will allow you to use up fat while strengthening your muscle mass. Don’t forget to do the plank, the twist and the mountain climbers to work the deep muscles of the abdomen and get sculpted abs.

The menu for your special 10-minute flat tummy programme therefore includes a good diet, physical exercise and messages. And after the first few weeks, you will no longer wonder how long it takes to get a flat stomach when you have the right tips!



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