Menu to lose 15 kg!

The goal of losing more than 10 kg is not that difficult to achieve. Provided that you subject your diet to a complete overhaul and change your lifestyle Whether you’re a woman or a man looking for a tailor-made programme, here are the right dietary tips and additional tricks to follow to see your figure slim down and your muscles strengthen. It’s just a question of motivation and self-confidence to succeed in your weight-loss challenge without fail!

Sample menu for men and women to lose 15 kg

Here is a good example of a typical menu for a week, knowing that your breakfast will be little changed in its basis. It should include fruit that is not too high in sugar – choose citrus fruits (orange or lemon or tangerine) or a kiwi – and a glass of hot water (tea or coffee allowed!).

Day 1

Breakfast: 1 hard-boiled or soft-boiled egg (not an omelette or fried egg, which requires added fat to cook), 1 seasonal fruit (not a banana), 1 dairy product with yoghurt and no added sugarDinner: 2 large oven-cooked tomatoes, 90g of poultry, batavia leaves

Day 2

Breakfast: 1 unsweetened milk product, 1 kiwi fruit, 90 g of fish, 1 small slice of wholemeal breadDinner: 100 grams of lean poultry (turkey breast), steamed, 1 cup of herbal tea without sugar.

Day 3

Lunch: a few leaves of lettuce, 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 appleDinner: 125 g of steamed chicken, 1 tomato, 1 clementine or other citrus fruit, 2 loaves of wholemeal bread, 1 cup of sugar-free tea.

Day 4

Lunch: 1 nice organic tomato, preferably raw and of course without sauce (just a pinch of salt), 100g of white cheese 0% fat. Dinner: 125g of steamed lean red or white meat (veal or beef), 1 pear, green vegetables.

Day 5

Lunch: 100g of turkey, Chinese bowl of rice Dinner: 200g of steamed chicken, 2 fruits (clementines)

Specific weekly programme to lose 15 kg

The fat zone is different for men and women, because the extra kilos are not hidden in the same places on the body. Men who are overweight gain mainly in the stomach area, especially after the age of 40. Women, on the other hand, if they also gain weight, also have fat deposits and cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, but also on the arms.

The mass of fat is therefore greater for women, whereas men are lucky enough to have a greater muscle density. As a result, one woman will have to eat 1200 calories a day to lose weight effectively, while the other will have to be satisfied with a limit of 1800 calories. This simply means that unfortunately the two sexes are not equal when it comes to dieting and that women have to make more effort to lose weight.

The preferred menu for men is a protein-based diet with lean meat and, above all, no alcohol. For women, we should concentrate on a more global and truly low-calorie diet with lots of vegetables, lean meat and a little fruit with a high vitamin content, such as kiwi. And of course, sport is a must for everyone!

Choosing a new way of eating by following our menu programmes will enable you to effectively lose your fifteen extra kilos. Of course, at the same time, you will adopt a new lifestyle by practising a regular sport activity, which will help you to eliminate calories and strengthen your muscles.



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