Losing weight Legs quickly: sport and nutrition!

The cult of slimming is flooding the media, if we are to believe the number of miracle diets that abound in the pages of magazines. Who hasn’t believed the tempting promises of slimming programmes? But there is no secret. To lose weight quickly, you need to change your eating habits and your lifestyle.

How to lose weight quickly?
The best way to lose weight quickly is through a good diet and regular exercise. It is important to exercise regularly to develop your endurance and at the same time burn off excess fat from your legs. Running and walking are excellent for toning your leg muscles, while getting fresh air. The benefits of sport on your figure are universally recognised by the medical profession and dieticians. Physical training programmes coupled with a healthy diet are nowadays recommended to guarantee rapid and lasting weight loss.

Tips and tricks to slim down your thighs quickly and permanently
Even though it is widely recommended to do sports often, weight loss does not necessarily go hand in hand. Jogging at a slow pace, even for a long time, does not necessarily lead to a sufficient loss of calories. A high-fat diet coupled with long, low-intensity efforts allow the muscles to burn more fat, especially in the legs. Indeed, for low-powered efforts, the muscles consume more fat, favouring the elimination of fat. On the other hand, to promote calorific expenditure, it is nowadays advisable to alternate sequences of more intense efforts with others that are longer and quieter. As a result, you will burn more fat during the hours following the effort.

Exercises to strengthen your leg muscles
It is also worthwhile to do specific strength training exercises to firm up your legs and quickly reduce your saddlebags. These exercises can be done at home or in a gym. Squats will quickly slim your legs by strengthening your muscle mass. Repetitions of several sets of 10 to 20 squats, with 2 weights interspersed with short recoveries, give you optimal efficiency and strengthen your tone. Practice the chair exercise! Leaning against a wall with your legs bent at 90 degrees, do series of 30 to 45 seconds alternating with recoveries of the same order of time! To maintain your flexibility and promote muscle recovery, don’t forget to stretch well after the effort! For a few days, you can combine these sessions with a protein-rich diet, which will promote muscle growth and fat loss.

Many disciplines such as jogging, cycling, weight training or swimming are excellent ways to lose weight quickly. Eating well before, during and after exercise is important to provide the body with the energy sources it needs for exercise and recovery. A healthy diet adapted to your training will maximise your weight loss, while avoiding energy and vitamin deficiencies. Finally, don’t forget to stay well hydrated to avoid cramps and mineral deficiencies.