Losing weight by eating everything

Starvation diets are the most common type of diet, but it is now well known that they can be counterproductive, as they lead to food frustration. However, it is possible to lose weight by eating everything, if you follow certain rules.

Acting on quantities:
The main problem with diets is that they are generally followed by weight regain, sometimes even greater than the previous loss. More and more methods now advocate the absence of prohibitions but an action on portions. In fact, to lose weight, you have to eat everything, but in small quantities. To do this, there are very simple solutions, such as changing your plate for a smaller one, but even a full plate will not represent the same quantity eaten as a large one. It is also possible to change the size of the cutlery. Finally, when preparing food, it is advisable to keep track of the quantities prepared, to be aware of the quantities and to make the link with what may be left at the end, in order to adjust the next meal.

The important thing is the calories:
It is important to bear in mind that it is not the particular foods that influence weight gain or loss, but rather their calorie content. For example, eating a square of chocolate has about 50 calories. It is therefore no more harmful to your figure than eating a yoghurt, which, even if it is low-fat, will represent the same calorie intake. Sometimes satisfying a craving can be more beneficial than always being in control. However, this implies taking a deeper interest in food and foodstuffs and adopting the maxim: you can eat everything, but in small quantities.

Think in terms of balance:
It is also possible to indulge in small extras, even when dieting, and to eat everything. For example, you can have a dessert after a large meal, but only when you are full, so that you don’t eat too much. Chocolate, cheese or pastries can be eaten, but less frequently and in smaller portions. Another way to eat better is to alternate raw and cooked, salty and sweet, to keep a balance. In addition, you can add physical activity for added effect, such as choosing to walk home after a good meal or walking during a phone call.

Eating everything and losing weight is therefore possible. The levers to activate are the quantities, the way you eat and thinking about your diet in terms of balance.