Losing weight by doing nothing!

Did you struggle more than usual to fit into your jeans this morning or are you tired of having to wear your favourite shirt with your stomach tucked in all day? Perhaps it’s something like this that has made you want to lose a few pounds and slim down your figure. Problem: you hate sport, you can’t stand deprivation and you know that your willpower when it comes to dieting is rather weak. In one sentence, you would like to lose weight by doing nothing. How to lose weight when you want to make the minimum effort.

The search for balance
Weight loss is brought about by three factors: eating balanced, calorie-controlled meals, being physically active and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps you can start with the latter to make some improvements. Before redesigning your meal menu, try to eat at the same time each day, sitting around a table, chewing each bite slowly rather than devouring them without savouring them. Also try to get a more regular sleep schedule, as tiredness tends to encourage snacking and therefore weight gain. It may take a little effort on your part, but it’s well worth it for your figure and your health.

Making choices in your diet
We are approaching the subject that perhaps makes you dread dieting, the composition of your meals. If you tend to eat high-calorie meals, you should of course review your menus. In the first instance, keep a regular meal at lunchtime and try to eat lighter in the evening. This way, you have a real pleasure meal during the day and, in return, you agree to make a small effort in the evening. A good tip if you eat a lot of very rich foods, try to ban some of them. Which would you rather have, a chocolate cake for a snack or two mojitos with friends in the evening? Take your pick. As with the Shapiro diet, also try to visualise foods by calorie count when you are hungry: which do you think will fill you up more, a small chocolate bar or a big bowl of cottage cheese covered with fresh fruit?

Find a fun activity
When it comes to sport, some people simply hate it. If even doing a fun activity with friends or a partner like Zumba, aqua aerobics, badminton or cycling doesn’t cut it, make your lifestyle more active. This may mean leaving your car in the garage and walking or taking the stairs instead of the lift.

Of course you can’t lose weight by doing absolutely nothing. However, there is a long list of small efforts to be made that, combined, will have a really satisfying result. So when do you start?