Lose weight with the chrononutrition diet

What is chrononutrition?

First of all, chrononutrition can be defined as the art of following a nutrition plan that responds exclusively to your body’s needs. More precisely, it consists in eating differently throughout the day. In other words, in a chrononutrition diet, the principle is to eat fatty foods at breakfast (in the morning), then to eat dense foods at noon and light foods at night.

Sweet foods are only eaten as snacks or as a snack during the day. In addition, the main idea in chrononutrition is also to respect a daily rhythm or food program.

For example, breakfast should be eaten no later than one hour after waking up, lunch five hours later, the sweet snack five hours later and finally the evening meal at least one and a half hours after the snack or before going to bed.


Tips to follow for better weight loss in the thighs

Each food has its own particular reason for being. It must be present on your plate at the most opportune moment for your body to benefit from its many effects. To burn a maximum of calories and fat in the thighs, you must at all costs limit your consumption of salt and deli meats.

Indeed, these are foods that promote better water retention centered exclusively on your thighs. Apart from that, it is also important to avoid eating salad and other varieties of raw vegetables as these also promote water retention on the thighs and also on the hips.

As long as these foods are eaten in moderation, you can now focus on the menus that bring their benefits to your quest.


Ideas, tips to reduce thighs thanks to chrononutrition

Do you want to lose weight in the thighs? Then you can start by consuming a cup of tea with cheese bread at breakfast. Then, you can continue by eating lamb with peas at noon before finishing the evening with a little salmon and a portion of steamed broccoli.

In short, chrononutrition has everything you need to help you lose weight easily in the thighs. It simply asks you to change your way of eating in order to bear fruit exclusively.





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