Lose weight thighs with skating?

You may be wondering which sports to focus on in order to refine thighs, the idea being to combine weight loss and pleasure. Skating is the solution that suits you. In addition to losing fat, it contributes to bodybuilding and thigh strengthening.

How does skating help you lose thighs?

This sport, which is above all assimilated to leisure, is used to strengthen the lower limbs: thighs, legs, calves. Several muscles are solicited and neither the buttocks nor the waist escape. But what interests you is to melt your thighs.

In fact, when you practice skating, you have to make efforts to keep balance, move … even if it does not seem obvious at first glance.

It is these small efforts that, after 30 minutes to 1 hour of practice, eliminate up to 500 calories. You therefore easily lose the fat present in the thighs.


The basics before refining thighs thanks to skating


If skating is an effective sport to refine your thighs, you must absolutely prepare yourself before you start. Plan a few sessions to familiarize yourself with your skates and learn the basic techniques.

You must also equip yourself properly because the risk of injury is not to be ruled out. The helmet, wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads guarantee you a certain safetyDo not forget to respect the rules of the road if you enter public roads. The ideal is of course to start on flat ground, away from traffic.


Tips to lose thighs with skating

Once you have learned the basic techniques, establish a program that you will have to adhere to. Choose the frequency of your sessions and their duration. You don’t have to skate every day but 2 to 3 times a week, for starters, it’s already good.

At first, just go back and forth between two points. When you are comfortable, complicate things by timing yourself. The faster you go, the more effort you will make. Which will lead you to burn more calories. Do not hesitate to increase the distance to be covered, without necessarily increasing the duration of each session.

The goal is to push your own limits so that your body doesn’t get used to some form of routine. The most daring will be able to try tricks such as riding on one leg or doing flexions while progressing.

Like any sport worthy of the name, skating causes a certain physical fatigue. If you don’t eat properly, you risk succumbing to your cravings. Eat balanced morning, noon and night, without ever skipping meals.Hydrate properly before, during and after exercise.

 Eating 1 to 2 bananas a day is effective in fighting cramps while experiencing satiety. Eating 1 to 2 bananas a day is effective in fighting cramps while experiencing satiety. If you really need a snack, bet on a fruit like apple or diet yogurt. If you really need a snack, bet on a fruit like apple or diet yogurt. Vitamin-rich smoothies are also excellent allies.

Rollerblading really helps to lose weight thighs but not only. This sport is an effective ally to build muscle and therefore sport a more toned silhouette. You just have to equip yourself properly and never neglect your diet.



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