Lose weight in 1 week with the protein diet

Yes, over 7 days, the protein diet makes you lose weight, and sometimes the weight loss is even spectacular if you only eat pure proteins.

You can easily lose 5kg but be careful not to prolong this exclusive diet.

Very good results can be obtained without deficiencies by including other slimming foods, but not for more than one week.

It is better to include some vegetables and fruit for the fibre that helps to evacuate waste.


How does the diet make you lose weight quickly?

The assimilation of proteins by our body requires a much higher caloric expenditure than other foods: for every 100 calories ingested, the internal work will burn 30.

Moreover, pure protein considerably restricts the absorption of calories, so in the case of an exclusive diet of pure protein, if we also dispense with lipids and carbohydrates, we will inevitably lose weight.

The body will draw from its own fats what it needs to function on a daily basis and thus make up for what is no longer consumed during a week. Finally, pure proteins reduce the appetite, so the desire to nibble and other temptations disappear.

What can you eat on a protein diet?

Foods containing pure proteins to be eaten without moderation during this week-long diet are

– Eggs, especially the white, which is the purest.

– Poultry, except for goose and duck, which are more fatty

– All fish

– Shellfish and crustaceans

– Lean dairy products such as 0% curd cheese

– Beef (except rib steak, entrecote and pot-au-feu)

– Grilled veal.

Without adding sugar or cooking in fat, these foods eaten over a week guarantee a weight loss of around 5 kilos. It is important to remember to drink plenty of water during this week: while protein burns fat, it is also important to help the body eliminate it by hydrating intensively.

Ideas for a protein menu for everyone at every meal!

This diet works without consuming only proteins. For those who are afraid of getting bored or who still want balanced meals to share with the family, just don’t forget to include protein at every meal:

In the morning or for a snack: coffee or tea without sugar, 0% fromage blanc, a piece of fruit.

At lunch or dinner, you can vary your dishes as follows:

– Grilled fish, cucumbers and a 0% fresh square.

– Turkey breast, courgette, small lean Swiss cheese.

– Soy steak, green lentils, low-fat yoghurt.

– Salad with grilled chicken strips, green beans, sauce

0% white cheese, mustard.

– 2 slices of ham, one portion of quinoa.

– Steamed cod loin, ratatouille.

Then alternate these proteins and various side dishes for 7 days.

What are the disadvantages of eating only proteins for more than a week?

It is important to remember not to do this diet for more than a week and to always drink a lot because without fibre, the risk of constipation is high. If you exceed the recommended time, you will strain the kidneys and liver, accumulate waste in the body and develop bad breath.

The solution is to reintroduce vegetables, fruit and vegetable protein from day 8 onwards to ensure that your body gets enough of the vitamins it needs.

The protein diet is ideal for losing 5 kg of excess weight, provided that it is followed for no more than 1 week and that you drink plenty of water.



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