Lose a kilo to get a flat stomach

Having a flat stomach is the dream of many people.

Often abused by our lifestyle (poor diet, stress, alcohol, etc.), our belly and the entire digestive system often suffer from bloating and excess fat that is stored below the navel and in the love handles.

However, losing belly fat is not impossible, and in some cases can be quite simple.

People who are not overweight but want to see their unsightly belly disappear can achieve a flatter stomach by losing just one or two targeted kilos.

A healthier diet to lose belly fat

Losing your belly can be relatively simple. Adopting a healthier lifestyle in line with your slimming objectives is the first step. Changing your diet will not only help you lose belly fat, but will also help your body to work better on a daily basis and in the long term. First of all, stop eating ready-made meals and processed foods.

Yes, cooking takes a little longer than putting a frozen tray in the oven, but your taste buds and your figure will thank you. Don’t think of the time you spend in the kitchen as ‘wasted’ time, focus instead on the time you won’t spend slumped on the sofa watching TV with one eye open, or trolling the web aimlessly.

If you are in a relationship and/or have children, involve them in your new cooking activities for convivial moments that will bond you more than ever. In your new diet, take care to avoid cooking foods that are too fatty or too sweet (for example, you can use only half the sugar in most cake recipes).

Favour wholegrain cereals, unrefined salts and sugars, and soluble fibres that are necessarily found in fruit and vegetables (eat them with their skins when possible).

Banish alcohol and replace your beer or glass of wine with a large cup of hot lemon water, which will not only curb your cravings but also purify your body with a diuretic action.

Put on your trainers and join a gym

It cannot be repeated often enough: regular physical activity is the only real way to slim down your figure, in addition to a balanced diet. While any exercise is good for you, you can also focus on an activity that will help develop your abdominal muscles for a flat stomach.

Turn to running, rowing or elliptical cycling for all-round sports that will work all your muscles and give you better support for a firm, toned stomach.

If you are looking for innovative and original activities, discover pole dancing; this acrobatic dance practised on a vertical bar is causing a sensation and is gaining more and more followers because it develops muscles and slims the waist. Finally, if you want a calmer activity, turn to yoga, which will help you control your breathing to better oxygenate the belly and make it deflate quickly.

Losing belly fat quickly is possible if you are not overweight and if you adopt a healthier lifestyle. One or two kilos can make all the difference, and we can tell you: you’ll never want to go back!



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