Light menus for the week

It is often said that there are no miracle cures for losing weight.

Well, we’re wrong about that, because there are, and it’s simple. A balanced menu is your key to getting both energy and a figure like you’ve never had before.

But how do you do it? Which foods should be favoured and which should be avoided? What are the most effective practices? Let’s take stock!

Dr Dukan’s gentle method: the nutritional staircase

This programme is a diet based on a predominant protein intake. For the gentle and progressive method, the great specialist in slimming diets wanted to create a diet that follows a nutritional staircase. This concept consists of reintegrating a given group of foods into the weekly menu day after day.

Considered a high-protein diet, this technique requires a strictly protein-based diet on the first day. On the second day, vegetables are allowed. Then it is the turn of fruit, followed by bread and cheese. Starchy foods are included last.

And for the Sunday meal, the food groups are complete. You can have a little feast.

Monday :

Breakfast: Pineapple and goji berry cake of the day, coffee, 1 yoghurt 0%.
Lunch: Spiced chicken kebabs with fresh pasta, unabashed egg cream
Snack: Swiss roll cake, 1 black tea with lemon
Dinner: Sliced beef Provençal, 1 bowl of 0% fromage frais

Tuesday :

Breakfast: 1 Dukan cake, 1 egg, 1 slice of fat-free ham, 1 coffee
Lunch: Salmon and courgette mille feuilles, 1 0% flavoured yoghurt
Snack: Egg cream with rhubarb, 1 green tea with peach
Dinner: Chicken breast with garden vegetables, 1 coffee Chicken breast with garden vegetables, 1 bowl of 0% cottage cheese

Wednesday :

Breakfast: 1 coffee, Muesli, 0% cottage cheese
Lunch: Spinach and salmon fritters, 2 small Swiss cheeses 0% with sweetener
Snack: Blueberry Sunshine, 1 coffee
Dinner: Scallops with ‘honey’, konjac tagliatelle, 1 iced cappuccino


Breakfast: 1 bowl of tea, chestnut fluff
Lunch: Amuse-bouche courgette-salmon, chicken fricassee with mushrooms and asparagus
Snack : French toast with apple compote, 1 Coke 0%.
Dinner: Turkey couscous and spicy beef balls, 1.5 special coconut biscuits


Breakfast: Coffee, 2 slices of wholemeal bread, turkey breast, 1 fresh square 0%.
Lunch: Roasted pepper soup, Indian-style chicken supremes, 1 yoghurt 0%.
Snack : Sublime rhubarb tart tatin, 1 red fruit tea
Dinner: Ricotta and spinach cannelloni, melon mousse

Saturday :

Breakfast: Tea, 2 flavoured yoghurts, 2 slices of wholemeal bread with jam in syrup
Lunch: Pasta carbonara my way, 40g parmesan cheese, 1 Bio-Flan with coffee
Snack: Cheese cake with silky tofu and blueberry konjac pearls
Dinner: Bavette and butternut squash parmentier bistro style, 1 bowl of 0% fromage blanc, 1 kiwi cut into it


Breakfast: Mint tea, 1 sweet cinnamon cake
Lunch: Gala meal
Snack: 1 apple, 2 slices of wholemeal bread, 40g of reblochon cheese
Dinner : Sea bass en papillotte with vegetables, carrot cake

This protein diet allows you to eat a little bit of everything without missing out on your favourite dishes. To lose 3 kg, you need 4 weeks. In 1 month and 2 weeks, if you stay motivated, you will see yourself slimming down considerably to lose 5 kg. Once you have reached your ideal weight, you can easily stabilise it.


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