How to lose weight without being hungry?

Many people are looking to lose weight and belly fat quickly. For most people, dieting means being hungry. But is it possible to lose weight without being hungry?

We can confidently tell you that it is possible, especially if you want to lose weight on your stomach or thighs. Here are our tips that will suit everyone, men or women and even teenagers, whether or not you practice a sport.

Split meals

It is tempting to skip a meal, or even several meals, in order to lose weight quickly. But this is a trap because it leads to frustration that will wear you down and ruin all your efforts in your weight loss goal.

A good and easy way to do this is to eat in smaller portions. This way of eating is very popular with sportsmen and women, especially bodybuilders.

You will need to eat small portions 5 to 6 times a day, or about every 2.5 hours.

The advantages of split diets include the absence of a constant feeling of hunger, appetite control, and therefore weight control.

Low glycaemic menus reduce appetite

The glycemic index of your menus plays a role in how full you feel after eating. High GI foods raise blood sugar quickly, while low GI foods raise glucose gradually and steadily, helping to keep blood sugar levels stable and prevent hunger. Vegetables, legumes, most fruits and whole grains are good low GI foods.

Dietary fibre helps control hunger

Dietary fibre can help reduce your appetite in several ways. Researchers have found that beta-glucan increases a hormone called cholecystokinin, which influences satiety and slows gastric emptying and is probably responsible for reducing food intake.

Some whole grains contain beta-glucans, such as wheat and rye. But oats and barley are particularly rich in this appetite-suppressing fibre. Eat oats and oat bran to get a good start on managing your appetite at breakfast. Add barley to soups or use it instead of rice in stir-fries or side dishes.

Vegetables also contain fibre. Because of their high water content, vegetables have few calories relative to their volume. So you can eat a lot of vegetables without taking in too many calories. Make sure you eat a wide variety of vegetables. Use vegetables in the kitchen to make vegetarian salads with a drizzle of flaxseed oil or salad dressing.

Eat more fat so you don’t feel hungry while dieting

In the past, it was recommended to cut down on fat as much as possible to lose weight. But experts now know that fat plays a major role in weight loss. The aim is to consume a moderate amount of fat and to choose mainly unsaturated sources.

So don’t hesitate to incorporate healthy fats into your dishes to increase satiety, such as fish oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, flaxseed oil, etc.

Fight hunger with a high-protein menu

Protein is important for fighting hunger. It takes longer to digest, the amino acids it contains help regulate appetite and calorie burning. Because of their actions on metabolism and satiety, researchers have concluded that protein plays a role in the fight against obesity.

Good sources of protein are eggs, chicken or turkey breast, fish, lean cuts of beef, yoghurt, and cheese. If you are a vegetarian, replace these foods with nuts, seeds and soya foods.

A diet with sufficient calories is the key to success

Although reducing calorie intake is the basis of any diet, care must be taken to ensure that you consume enough calories to avoid falling into a calorie deficit. If you don’t consume enough calories, not only can you go hungry, but it can also lead to nutrient deficiencies and health problems, such as anaemia.

The number of calories you need depends on factors such as your current weight, age and gender.

Here’s an idea for a typical cheap meal to lose weight fast without feeling hungry:


Take 1:

Eat oatmeal with bananas, strawberries and nuts, or a wrap with black beans, egg whites with fruit and vegetables.

Take two:

Three hours after your first breakfast, have yoghurt with wheat germ or sunflower seeds.Lunch

Take 1:

Lettuce, tomato, avocado and skinless chicken breast salad with whole wheat bread.

Catch 2:

Salad topped with nuts or seeds, with a handful of vegetables and oil-free dressing.Dinner

Catch 1:

Salmon, brown rice and steamed broccoli drizzled with olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Catch 2:

In the evening, enjoy a smooth banana-strawberry smoothie. Here’s the recipe:

– 1 frozen banana, sliced

– 1 handful of frozen strawberries

Throw the fruit in the blender and blend until smooth.

One last free tip: drink plenty of water to not only keep you hydrated, but also to feel fuller from morning to night. With these tips, losing weight without starving is easy.



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