How to lose weight at 73 years old?

Losing weight is generally difficult at any age. But it is even more difficult for people in their 70s. At 73, the body has different nutritional needs and does not react in the same way to physical activity.

You need to forget about complicated diets and excessive sport to keep your figure! To help you slim down without putting your health at risk, here are some tips on how to stay fit at 73.

Define your dietary framework
In general, the risks of dieting are more important than the benefits. You need to take things slowly. To start with, you have to accept that you are in it for the long haul. On the one hand, because you will lose weight less quickly than in your youth; on the other hand, to avoid increasing certain deficiencies. At the age of seventy-three, you can expect to lose an average of 2 kg per month.

At this age, nutrition professionals recommend a balanced diet that is adapted to your habits. The guidance of a specialist in nutrition for people in their 70s is essential to define the new framework of your diet. The idea of balance is very much linked to the body to which it applies.

Eating balanced meals to lose weight in your 70s
To lose weight healthily at your age, you need to eat well and not skip any meals. You should not hesitate to eat foods that are healthy and beneficial to your health, such as flaxseed, lemon water, fibre, salmon, cinnamon, whole grains, almonds, red fruits and green vegetables at morning meal.

The daily amounts recommended by the senior nutrition professional should always be respected.

Getting active to lose weight at 73
Physical activity is still a must if you want to lose weight at your 73rd birthday. But how can you speed up your weight loss? You simply need to find physical activities that will help you gently work most of your muscles to benefit your figure.

Walking is an effective way to sculpt your body gently, according to your ability. You can start slowly if you are not keen on sport, and adjust your pace gradually. Make sure you do some stretching, have good equipment (shoes, clothes, etc.) and have excellent posture.

Consider other physical activities that are popular with people in their 70s, such as Pilates and yoga, to build up your muscles and feel good about yourself as a 70-year-old without straining your joints, which have become more fragile over time.

Don’t forget water sports adapted to people of your age (aquagym, swimming, etc.) and dance. Water sports allow you to tone up and burn calories without making too much effort. Your weight loss is guaranteed without tiring you!

So losing weight at your age

(seventy-three) is not like losing weight at twenty. Because with the density of your bones and the loss of your muscle mass, you tend to put on weight. But there is no question of embarking on a drastic diet and physical activity that is not adapted to your age. It is better to follow a supervised diet and exercises that allow you to lose 2 kilograms at most each month without exhausting yourself.