How to lose inner thigh fat?

Do you dream of having slimmer and more toned thighs? Discover here some fat burning exercises and tips that will help you achieve this quickly.


Squats are excellent for the inner thighs. They will also allow you to build up your buttocks. They are quite simple and you can do them without the help of a coach. Here’s how to do them. Stand with your feet firmly flat on the floor and spread your legs to the width of your pelvis.

Next, stretch your arms out in front of you so that they line up with your shoulders. Inhale deeply and slowly lower yourself down to position your thighs parallel while keeping your back well sheathed and your heels firmly on the floor. Then slowly come back up, exhaling deeply and releasing your arms.


These exercises are perfect for simultaneously slimming your thighs, buttocks and hips and eliminating abdominal fat. They require very little physical effort, but put a lot of strain on your muscles. It is therefore a very good sport for slimming gently. There are several types of Pilates exercises.

Here’s one that will do you a world of good: set up a foam mat and lie on your back with your hands free. Raise both legs slightly off the floor and lift one of them as high as you can by pushing off your heel while keeping your back firmly on the floor. Then bring the leg back to the floor and repeat the same movement 9 times. Then switch to the other leg and repeat the movement.


There are two main forms of lunges, the front lunge and the open lunge. They allow you to work your inner thighs, hips, buttocks and abs simultaneously.

To do front lunges is to stand up, spread your legs, take a step forward and bend until you put your knee slightly on the ground. Then, breathe out as you come back up and repeat with the second leg. Make sure the distance between your legs is as close as possible to get the most out of your thighs.

Doing open lunges means standing in a standing position, spreading your legs hip-width apart while turning your toes outwards. Then bend your left leg to the left, return to your original position, bend your right leg to the right and so on.

In addition to appropriate physical activity, it is important to adopt good eating habits to get rid of unwanted fat effectively. Gradually reduce your calorie intake, split your meals to avoid snacking and keep yourself well hydrated. You could also follow a suitable diet. To choose the right one for you, seek advice from a nutritionist.



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