How to lose a swollen belly?

This small belly is often a source of complexes that can be very hard to live with on a daily basis. On top of that, a swollen belly is often embarrassing. Bloating, feelings of heaviness, … the harmful effects of the swelling of this dear belly are infinite.

Diet for a flat stomach

Diet is the basis. You must choose the foods you eat carefully. Heavy foods should be reduced as much as possible. These include dairy products, raw vegetables, potatoes, pasta, rice, wine and unwholesome bread and many other foods that are difficult to digest and cause intestinal problems. Of course, if you have intolerances, don’t take chances and leave these foods out.

You will also need to cut down on salt to reduce the size of your stomach. Too much salt inevitably leads to bloating. Choose fresh products without additives or chemicals, which your body will appreciate.

You can also go on a 3-day diet with a single food (e.g. apple) to rest your digestive system. But be careful! Don’t fall back into bad habits and keep your diet healthy and natural after your detox.

Be careful to eat foods that will prevent constipation, because if you are constipated, your digestive system will be congested and your belly will remain bloated.

Losing your swollen belly through sport

Sport is obviously very important for a flat stomach. For men it will generally be weight training to get chocolate bars and for women fitness or light abs. Sport is important because it helps to avoid constipation, but also gives you a sculpted and toned stomach that is pleasing to the eye.

Don’t be unbalanced in your efforts and make sure that all the muscles in your belly are worked from the chest down.

A healthy lifestyle for a flat stomach

The lifestyle to adopt is simple: take the time to eat. When you’re busy, you tend to forget to take time out. This is bad for your digestive system, which will take longer to digest a meal eaten on the run than a meal eaten in a quiet place that has been properly chewed. So eat at fixed times and don’t let anyone disturb your meal break, which should last at least 20 minutes.

Having a flat stomach requires effort and a strict daily lifestyle. Natural foods to help your digestive system, a little sport to tone up your muscles and calmness to enjoy your meals and assimilate them correctly.

Apart from the fact that these simple principles will help you reduce bloating and swelling in your belly, they will also help you lose weight in general. What more could you want?



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