How to lose 5 cm around the thighs?

Models who are admired for their beauty usually have long, thin legs and thighs. So it’s only natural to dream of the same slim thighs for yourself. To achieve this, you will need motivation and a few tips that will enable you to lose 5 cm of thigh in a few weeks.


Change your diet

The basis for any weight loss is a radical change in your diet. This does not mean a strict diet where everything is weighed to the gram, but rather a rebalancing. All you need to do is apply a few simple rules. Complete meals, but not too large.

Give priority to breakfast and eat very little in the evening. Refuse to eat any kind of snack during the day. Limit fat and sugar, including salt, to avoid water retention, which causes weight gain. Drink plenty of water and avoid carbonated drinks.

To stick to your programme, make a pre-determined menu at the beginning of each week which will allow you to visualise your meals. Don’t hesitate to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, as they are good for your health.

Regular and appropriate physical activity

To slim down your thighs quickly and effectively, it is imperative to engage in regular physical activity. Take 45 minutes to 1 hour at least twice a week to exercise. Choose an endurance sport that will allow you to burn fat. Running and biking are perfect examples.

On the other hand, avoid anything that builds muscle, especially in the legs. Even though muscle is healthier than fat, it is bulky and that is not the point. So avoid squats and lunges, which are designed to build muscle, not burn fat.

Other tips and tricks for a faster result

The basics are essential, but they can be supplemented with some very simple tips that can help you achieve faster results. For example, you can use slimming creams that will stimulate the movement of fat and make waist loss more effective. There are also cold water baths that stimulate the skin and give you thinner thighs. Cosmetic surgery is also an option that should not be overlooked.

How can I lose 5 cm of my thighs? It’s very simple. From now on, all you have to do is eat a healthy, balanced diet and be physically active. This will give you the thighs of your dreams within a few weeks.



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