How to lose 20 kg in 7 months?

If you want to lose 20 kg in 7 months, that’s about 3 kg per month, this is perfectly feasible without affecting your skin or your health. But it must be done properly with a carefully prepared plan of attack that you must follow to the letter.

In order to lose weight, you will need a tailor-made diet (food rebalancing), sport and a method to evacuate stress (very bad during a slimming programme).

Here are some tips on how to achieve your slimming goal easily, naturally and permanently, whether you are a man or a woman…

Count your calories and steam

Start by writing down everything you eat on a daily basis to get a feel for calories. There are several apps to help you do this (the weight secret, FatSecret, Yazio, MyNetDiary etc.). This will help you to see what your bad habits are and which foods have the most calories.

Then you will be able to reduce your calorie intake to increase your energy expenditure and force the body to draw on stored fat reserves.

How do you do this? You will not make the mistake of going on a diet that is too strict and that will cause you to regain the lost kilos (or even more) once you have finished! On the contrary, you will learn to balance or rebalance your diet.

You will therefore reduce, or even eliminate, fast sugars (sugary drinks, cakes, industrial fruit yoghurts, etc.) and fats (cold cuts, butter, sauces, oil, etc.).

You will make an effort to diversify your food and will preferably cook white meat and fish, without forgetting to favour steaming and adding herbs to give your dishes flavour.

You will accompany them with vegetables, legumes or starchy foods, as well as dairy products and fruit in reasonable quantities to complete your menus.

You will see that this balanced diet will help you avoid cravings, snacking and deficiencies.

Do a sporting activity every other day

You’ll have to stick with it, but don’t panic if you give in once in a while. You can compensate for this with an endurance activity that you will learn to enjoy so that you will want to do it without any pressure.

You can choose between running or brisk walking (on a mat or in nature), elliptical

cycling (indoors or outdoors), Zumba, swimming and others.

Any exercise lasting 30 to 40 minutes is ideal (start with 15 to 20 minutes and gradually increase) as this is the time needed to burn fat. And plan on 4 to 5 sessions per week, as it is regularity that brings results.

To make this endurance programme more effective, you can add a draining agent to your water bottle (to be drunk before, during and after exercise) to further facilitate the elimination of toxins and fat.

Get rid of stress, which is harmful to weight loss

You will soon realise that sustained physical activity improves your physical and mental well-being. If you are struggling with anxiety and stress, you will obviously not be able to lose weight.

If your endurance activity is not enough to relax you, you can practice other techniques that will help you feel better and lose weight gently.

The best known and practised is yoga, which allows you to reconnect with your body and your emotions, while reshaping your figure through simple breathing and meditation exercises.

When you are more serene in the face of life’s problems, you will inevitably be less tempted to compensate by eating (the number one problem in weight gain) and will thus lose your kilos gently but sustainably.

In conclusion, it is by adopting good eating habits (healthy, natural and low-calorie food) and by respecting a healthy lifestyle that you will be able to lose weight sustainably and chase away your 20 extra kilos in 7 months.

However, you will be able to allow yourself a few deviations as long as you keep your courage and motivation to do 30 minutes of sustained sport, several times a week, and that you carry out relaxation sessions to evacuate the stress that is harmful to your weight loss objective.


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