How to lose 2 kilos on the thighs?

Where things get a little more complicated is when you need to slim down a specific part of your body, namely your thighs.

The first step towards slimmer legs: diet

When it comes to slimming, the first answer is often found on your plate. Even if you think you’re eating a balanced diet, it might be worth taking stock. Are you sure you are not letting any bad fats go to waste? Do you add salt to your food? Do you add a little sugar to your coffee?

Do you eat enough vegetables? Do you have a heavy hand with fruit (which is naturally sweet)? Once you’ve answered all these questions, you’ll probably have some small changes to make in your next menus.

If not, you can reduce your portions for a week, which will also reduce the number of calories you eat. Remember to drink plenty of water and green tea every day too.

Thigh slimming mission: focus on sport

We can’t stress this enough: you won’t lose weight permanently if you don’t exercise. Set up a few simple exercises that you can do every day. To slim down your legs, focus on yoga, weight training, stepper, running or jumping rope.

This way you can easily target the lower body and your thighs will burn off all the stored fat.

Think about slimming creams

These are only a complement to a broader action but they are no less effective. Men or women, no difference. These creams are applied by massage and fight cellulite from the inside.

After adjusting your diet and making physical exercise part of your daily routine, not to mention a well-deserved massage, your legs will be slimmer. You should notice a change in just one week!



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