How to lose 10 kilos in 60 days?

That’s an ambitious goal! In general, a weight loss of 500g to 1kg maximum per week is recommended: it is therefore quite possible to lose 10 kilos fairly quickly, without flinching, provided you do things properly.

Prepare yourself carefully

Start by discussing your plans with your doctor to find out if there are any medical conditions that might cause problems: diabetes, joint problems that will limit your choice of sport, etc.

The key word during this period will be motivation. To keep it up over the long term, it may be useful to keep a diary: divide it into three parts, one to note what you eat, one for your daily activity and one for your personal feelings. Of course, you should also keep a record of your weighing. Limit yourself to three months: it will be difficult to keep such an ambitious programme for longer.

It will probably be easier if you are not alone: Weight Watchers groups can help you, there is one near you.

How can you change your diet?

Let’s face it: to burn fat, you’re going to have to reduce your calorie intake and change your diet. Your daily intake should be 500 to 700 calories less than what you burn each day. But be careful: never go below 1500 calories per day if you are a man, 1200 for women.

Balance your meals: each meal should contain half fruit and vegetables, a quarter of lean proteins (white meat, fish, eggs, etc.) and a quarter of wholegrain cereals. Limit the amount of fat and sugar in your meals, and salt too, as salt stimulates the appetite.

Finally, eliminate all industrial foods, first and foremost sodas, but also pizzas and other ready-made meals (they contain hidden sugar to be more addictive). Finally, drink as much water as possible: 1.5 to 2 litres a day, to eliminate what you burn and not let your stomach claim sugar. The more sugar you consume, the harder it will be to lose weight outside of surgery.

Very important: physical activity

You can’t lose 10 kilos in two months without doing sports: while you reduce your calorie intake, you increase your energy expenditure. It’s because you’ve done the opposite so far that you have ten kilos to lose!

Choose a gentle sport to start with, one that motivates you. Walking, swimming and elliptical cycling are good ways to start. Cardio and running will come in the second part of the programme, fitness and crossfit last, when you feel more comfortable.



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