How to get a flat stomach at 35?

Men and women alike can be confronted with the problem of an unwanted bulge in the stomach. Before the age of thirty, many young people find it easy to stay slim and lose weight. After the age of thirty, the situation changes significantly and we sometimes realise that this little bulging belly seems determined to stay Fortunately, you can do something about it!

Body shaping, the best weapon for a flat stomach!

If, in spite of good habits, you are unable to get rid of your bulging abdominal muscles, you will have to introduce body shaping into your training programme. Regular exercise is already very good, but with body shaping exercises, you target a very specific area. How do you do this? To do it right, get a gym mat or a yoga mat.

Then lie down on your stomach. The aim is to stand upright, with your arms straight, supporting yourself on your hands and feet/toes only. The body is straight and tense, like a plank, too. You will feel your abdominal muscles working hard to hold the position. Hold for as long as possible. Each time, try to hold a little longer than before. You will quickly see a result on your stomach.

Strength training

Weight training is still the quickest and most effective way to get a flat stomach, if your physical condition allows it. To put this solution into practice, you have two choices: take out a gym membership or invest in home equipment. The first option offers you a real advantage: personalised support, but you should know that even if you do weight training at home, there are sports coaches on the internet who can help you find the exercises and pace that are best suited to your case and your objective.

Watch what you eat

A bulging belly can be caused by extra kilos but also by bloating. In the first case, a diet for a few weeks, combined with sport, should get rid of it. In the second case, you should simply ban all foods that cause intestinal gas, such as the entire cabbage family for example.

Simple tips for effective action!

Banishing bad habits

At the top of the list is drinking. Alcohol is responsible for many health problems, but it also has a definite impact on your waistline, making your belly swell enormously.

Once you have identified the cause of a round belly and learned a few tips, you know what to do to get a flat belly. All you have to do is put these tips into practice! Let’s get started!



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