How to burn calories without thinking about it?

When dieting, you may not have the time to do any sports, or you may not feel like spending time exercising.

However, you can quickly lose weight and burn calories without thinking about it, just by doing everyday tasks.

Burn calories without thinking about it with simple tips

Even if you don’t have time to exercise, you can still lose calories every day just by doing everyday tasks. For example, you can easily lose weight by walking to the shops, vacuuming, washing and tidying the dishes.

You can also walk to pick up your children instead of taking the car. These little tricks will help you to reshape your figure easily and simply. For example, just walking the dog or visiting your friends on foot are activities that help you lose calories naturally.

How many calories can you lose without doing sports?

However, you should always remember to eat a balanced diet containing essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You should know that brisk walking will help you lose weight quickly. If you walk for 50 minutes at a good pace, you can lose 168 kcal. When you’re dusting your flat, you’ll lose 175 kcal per hour without doing any real physical activity indoors.

A simple and easy recipe to burn calories

Choose a simple, low-fat citrus smoothie for a healthy snack between errands or chores.


juice of one lemon
ice cubes
juice of 4 oranges
2 plain 0% yoghurts


After cutting the lemon in half, squeeze it and collect the juice. Put it in a bowl and then do the same with the oranges and mix them with the lemon juice. Once mixed, place the mixture in a thermomix with the yoghurt. Serve in a glass and enjoy quickly with ice cubes.

Some people who are reluctant to do sports often ask themselves how to lose weight easily, but the answer lies in daily activities.



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