How can an anti-cellulite kit help us lose weight?

Cellulite is a recurring problem that mainly affects women. What does it look like?

Unpleasant bumps that appear on your body and give an “orange peel” appearance. Fortunately, there are solutions to get rid of itIf creams, oils and other accessories have proven benefits, the combined action of all these same products in an anti-cellulite kit makes it possible to act at all levels to get rid of it once and for all.

How to use the anti-cellulite kit?

More and more, the suction cup is the first component of the kit. It is a cylindrical object with a diameter and height of 5 cm. It is usually made of silicone and serves to stretch the adipocytes (cellulite-causing cells) with a suction effect, which promotes blood stimulation. For a good result, it is necessary to first apply a fatty oil (normally in the kit) to the area to be treated.

After this treatment, massage with the anti-cellulite cream (with caffeine) which also accelerates the “healing” process. Several movements are to be carried out over a more or less long period of time (10 to 30 minutes) to treat the skin well: effleurage, palpate-roll, pressure and percussion.

Of course, as they are quite technical, you just have to keep in mind that they are circular movements. For the legs, go from bottom to top. For the thighs, massage the inner part first before the outer. For the posterior, make large circles.

The treatment should be done daily and can last 2 to 3 weeks.

How can you integrate the anti-cellulite kit into your daily routine?

As mentioned above, the kit should be used on a daily basis for an optimal effect. Preferably in the morning before starting your day and in the evening when you are at home. That’s right! In between these two periods, you will not have enough time for the long massage.

In addition to the caffeine in the cream, which has a slimming effect, you can also consume products such as coffee, ginger and lemon (in the form of tea) to burn off the remaining fat more quickly.

Thus, the anti-cellulite kit alone does not guarantee the desired effect of eradicating those wrinkles on your body. To get smooth skin, don’t forget to exercise and watch your diet!



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