Honey: the natural solution to cellulite

As cellulite is a nuisance for many of us, various programmes have been developed to remove it. In reality, cellulite is the result of excessive fat accumulation and water retention in specific areas of the body

It is therefore only natural that sports and dieting are the main solutions mentioned by nutritionists. But there are still unconventional remedies, such as the use of honey.

Honey is one of the most effective anti-cellulite solutions. It rehydrates your skin, which simultaneously eliminates your dimples. But for best results, it is best to add natural ingredients that directly burn off your excess calories. With a strict diet and a bit of sport, the programme will be even better. It’s all about balance and healthy living.


Massage: effective against cellulite

The first thing to do when your skin is invaded by cellulite is to rehydrate it. This is one of the main properties of honey. In this case, it is essential to apply it to the areas filled with cellulite.

Before starting your session, make sure you wash yourself well so as not to mix this substance with other residues on your skin (because of the surrounding dirt). Once you are ready, you can either massage yourself or have someone else do it for you. It does not matter. It is important to note, however, that the message must last between 5 and 10 minutes for the product to take effect.

Adding other ingredients is sometimes useful

For each of these mixtures, the first thing to do is to boil water. As for the quantity, one teaspoon of each ingredient is sufficient (honey + lemon). Beyond that, you risk damaging your skin.

The lemon

Unlike our first ingredient, lemon is an acidic citrus fruit that burns calories directly under your skin. This is possible because its juice can gradually penetrate your pores.

Baking soda

This ingredient will help honey in that it removes all the toxins present on your skin in layers. Among the toxins is of course the excess fat that forms your orange peel.

Frequency of massages

To see the effects of the massage quickly, it is best to do it every day. Set aside a time during the day when you will not be disturbed for your session. Early in the morning or in the evening before going to sleep are good times, for example. But make sure you wash up afterwards, as it is important to let your skin breathe and sleep without any discomfort.


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