Herbal medicine for a swollen stomach?

Dreaming of having a flat stomach concerns most men and women.

But to achieve this, you not only have to lose weight, but also make sure that you have done everything you can to limit the bloating and swelling of your stomach. Herbal medicine, i.e. the use of plants, can help to achieve good results.

The best choices for herbal medicine against bloating

Phytotherapy will help to facilitate digestion, act against bloating and more generally, slim down the stomach. For this, it is necessary to select the plants according to their benefits and virtues on the body:

Fennel, which alleviates stomach pains and facilitates digestion

Artichoke, which has many virtues

Ginger, which reduces nausea (during pregnancy or menstruation) while facilitating digestion as a whole

Green anise

Herbal medicine can be accompanied by the use of quality probiotics to make a real difference to the body. Most of the necessary ingredients or infusions are easy to find in organic shops.

A rebalancing of the diet is necessary

Although herbal medicine helps, it cannot do everything. To limit swelling (apart from periods when it is natural to have swelling, particularly in women), the diet must be healthy and balanced: no sugar in the evening, little or no alcohol, no fizzy drinks, protein-rich meals in the morning, controlled fibre intake, few sweets and chewing gums (including those labelled “sugar-free”)…

You can also introduce a little yerba mate to your daily drinks (a drink that Argentina lovers are generally very familiar with!).

A flat stomach can be achieved quickly via a detox or crash diet, but it’s only the deeper changes that will ensure it lasts.

Identify the cause of the problem

A swollen belly can be caused by stress, diet, sleep problems, etc., while maintaining a vicious circle of deterioration in the quality of life.

In this case, phytotherapy can also help to calm these periods of stress, although it is important to add regular physical activity and possibly the intervention of a specialist or doctor.

In any case, a permanently swollen belly is not inevitable. It is possible to act and adopt the right reflexes to treat the symptom at its roots, in order to get rid of it in the long term. A good choice with both aesthetic and mental results!


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