Grapefruit skin to lose weight?

This is not new, grapefruit contains wonderful slimming virtues. However, according to experts, it is its thick skin that would be more beneficial for the silhouette.

It has been proven that this white part of grapefruit, located between the bark and the flesh, would actually be a better fat burner.

The slimming benefits of grapefruit skin


Everything is good in grapefruit, juice, flesh, seeds, bark and especially white skin. It was recently discovered that it is this part that would contain the most pectin in grapefruit. This dose of pectin is enough to counter cholesterol. Indeed, pectin is a soluble fiber that helps lower the bad cholesterol contained in the blood.

Also, it would apparently be very effective against infections of the digestive system, especially caused by parasites and intestinal worms.

The white part of the grapefruit therefore cleanses the digestive tract, and being also a good natural medicine against flatulence, it is obvious that it helps to lose weight, especially in the belly.


Consume grapefruit skin well for weight loss


The white part can be eaten raw. When you eat the flesh, you can directly eat also some of the inner skin as an accompaniment.

On the other hand, the bark, the outer skin, can be consumed in different ways. Moreover, the best way to eat it is when it is dried or candied.

Here is a recipe for making candied bark.


2 grapefruits
powdered sugar


Gently remove the skin from the grapefruit
Cut it into strips of about 1/2 cm or 1/4 inch wide
Put these strips of skin in a bowl, cover with cold water and leave overnightThe next day, change the water and soak for about 4 hours
Drain the bark, then weigh it, and put it back in the saucepan with its weight in sugar and weight in water.

Let confire slowly over low heat until no liquid remains
Drain the bark and let it cool on a nonstick plate without touching overnight or more, until it becomes a little firm.


The other virtues of grapefruit skin

In addition to its slimming properties, grapefruit skin is very rich in vitamin C and potassium, making it essential to increase immunity against some viruses including those of the flu. Also, it strengthens the walls of blood vessels to better fight the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Grapefruit skin is excellent for losing weight quickly. If you are not a fan of candied bark, you can also consume it as an infusion or herbal tea.



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