Grapefruit skin for weight loss?

It’s not news that grapefruit has wonderful slimming properties.

However, according to experts, it is the thick skin that is more beneficial to the figure.

It has been found that the white part of the grapefruit, between the peel and the flesh, is actually a better fat burner.

The slimming benefits of grapefruit skin

Everything is good in the grapefruit, the juice, the flesh, the seeds, the peel and especially the white skin. It has recently been discovered that this part contains the most pectin in the grapefruit. This dose of pectin is sufficient to counteract cholesterol. Indeed, pectin is a soluble fibre that helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.

It is also apparently very effective against infections of the digestive system, especially those caused by parasites and intestinal worms.

The white part of the grapefruit therefore helps to clean the digestive tract, and being also a good natural medicine against flatulence, it is obvious that it helps to lose weight, especially in the stomach area.

Eating grapefruit skin for weight loss

The white part can be eaten raw. When you eat the flesh, you can also eat some of the inner skin as a side dish.

However, the peel, the outer skin, can be eaten in different ways. In fact, the best way to eat it is when it is dried or candied.

Here is a recipe for making candied peel.


2 grapefruits
caster sugar


Carefully remove the skin from the grapefruit
Cut it into strips about 1/2 cm or 1/4 inch wide
Put the skin strips in a bowl, cover with cold water and leave overnight. The next day, change the water and leave to soak for another 4 hours
Drain the peels, then weigh them, and return them to the pan with their weight in sugar and weight in water
Leave to simmer slowly over a low heat until there is no liquid left
Drain the peels and leave them to cool on a non-stick plate without touching each other overnight or more, until they become a little firm

Other benefits of grapefruit peel

In addition to its slimming properties, grapefruit skin is very rich in vitamin C and potassium, making it essential for increasing immunity against some viruses, including those of the flu. It also helps to strengthen the blood vessel walls to better combat the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Grapefruit skin is excellent for losing weight quickly. If you are not a fan of candied peel, you can also consume it as an infusion or herbal tea.



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