Following a low-calorie diet to lose belly fat

If you have ever said to yourself “I can’t lose weight and I can’t lose my belly, even after intense physical activity”, then look for additional solutions to achieve your goal.

Although more complex, dieting appears to be the best solution: in particular the low-calorie diet.

This rapid weight loss allows you to eliminate the calories in your belly. All you have to do is pay attention to the food you eat every day.

The basics of the low-calorie diet for losing belly fat

In order to lose belly fat, you will need to adopt a menu with little or no meat. Indeed, 100 g of meat provides your body with about 143 calories. An organic and vegetarian diet is therefore essential in order to gradually eliminate saturated fats from your body as well as cholesterol.

A dietician will be able to give you a list of forbidden foods and those that you can eat “as much as you like”.

Yes, “low-calorie” does not mean depriving yourself in quantity. Just turn to fruit and vegetables for better health or to low-calorie foods.What to eat in the evening? Even lighter food, as the body will rest afterwards.

How long does it take? Within 1 week you will no longer see that unpleasant bloating on your body.

Your low-calorie programme to lose your belly

These two typical menus will make you lose 150 and 250 Kcal per day respectively.

Menu 1

Breakfast :

Muesli (1 portion)
Coffee without sugar
Cottage cheese (100 g) or protein powder (20 g)
1 organic egg
1 slice of apple
1 large glass of water
Lunch :

Raw vegetables
Olive oil (10 g)
Cod (1 portion)
Broccoli (1 portion)
1 kiwi
Dinner :

White meat (100 g)
Almond (1 handful)

Menu 2

Breakfast :

Cottage cheese (200 g)
2 whole eggs + 2 egg whites + 1 slice of lean bacon
Green tea with lemon, no sugar
1 slice of apple
Rapeseed oil (10 mL)

Lean meat or fatty fish (150 g)
Rice (200 g) or cabbage soup
Snack :

1 kiwi fruit
Whey protein (20 g)
Almond (1 handful)
Dinner :

Lean meat or fatty fish (150 g)
Sweet potato (100 g)
Lemon tea
Dark chocolate (10 g) with 100% cocoa
The disadvantages of the low-calorie diet

The first disadvantage is the lack of nutrients, vitamins and fatigue that can affect people who have not been instructed by a nutritionist beforehand. Once the treatment is over, sudden weight gain is also a risk that should not be ruled out, as there have been several forbidden foods.

If you eat them again, you will put on weight exponentially. This effective star diet is also not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Other benefits apart from slimming

These free miracle recipes will not only help you lose weight. They will also improve your long-term health. For example, you will avoid cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cholesterol.

And as a new vegetarian, your risk of cancer will be greatly reduced. In any case, this diet with sport remains the best choice, as a change in diet is no longer enough to eliminate all the imperfections in your body.

Meal replacements should not be neglected either, namely fat-burning supplements.

The belly fat will disappear with the rest. Both men and women can benefit from this slimming treatment, with an exceptional before and after effect. Contrary to some preconceived ideas, the low-calorie treatment can be safe.



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