Fitness for a flat stomach

Getting a flat stomach requires an appropriate diet and exercise. Fitness activities can help you lose a few extra pounds, especially around the abdominal area, thanks to a few specific exercises.

Also allowing to burn up to 300 calories for 30 minutes of abs, the fitness remains adapted to all types of individuals wishing to lose fatty tissue.


Fitness: flat belly objective above all

As part of your slimming objective to lose fat around the belly, the practice of a workout dedicated to the abdominal muscles remains essential.if cardio-fitness type activities are necessary for an overall weight loss, the abdominal muscles must be sufficiently solicited to strengthen them and to muscularize the area of the swollen belly while strengthening the lumbar vertebrae.

For a person with an average weight of 70 kilos, only 5 minutes of abdominal training burns nearly 50 Kcal, whereas for 2 hours of exercise, the calories burned can reach more than 1,100 Kcal! Do not forget that these workouts must be regular in order to obtain results that meet your expectations and achieve optimal belly loss.

Your fitness program for the belly

The abdomen and buttocks are particularly sensitive to the accumulation of cellulite, which is often difficult to eliminate whether you are a woman or a man. In order to alleviate this recurring problem with a balanced diet and the practice of sessions dedicated to the abdominals, a few weekly sessions are necessary.

Abdominal and visceral fat, water retention and many of the inconveniences that lead to overweight also affect your physical condition. The goal is to get rid of excess weight and finally get a more muscular stomach.

2 to 3 sessions per week are sufficient to see aesthetic results on your stomach. More or less complex and intensive by varying the series and rest times, your sessions should include leg raises, crunches and sit-ups.

Be careful because if all the strengthening of the rectus abdominis is aimed at building up your stomach, visceral fat is only slightly affected by these workouts. It is in fact the transverses that should be solicited the most to finally find a less rounded and more muscular belly.


The importance of the transverses to tone the abdominal muscles quickly

Acting on the waistline, the use of these transverse muscles via leg raises and balancing movements more effectively solicits the obliques and hip extensors to refine the waist. With sessions of about 15 to 20 minutes between 3 and 5 times a week, you should find a flatter stomach and less rounded hips.

Remember to breathe well during the effort and to contract your abdominal muscles during the repetitions, then link the series by taking 2 to 3 minutes of rest between each workout.

A slim waist: a question of calories above all

If abdominal workouts are always beneficial, like all physical activities, in order to improve cardiovascular health, it is not possible for everyone to achieve a well-defined abdomen.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles contributes to a better posture in order to avoid recurring back pain problems but does not burn enough calories.

While your intensive ab workouts are always a great plus for your body’s health, only a complementary endurance activity can help you burn enough calories as part of your low-calorie, fat loss diet.

It can be interesting to practice a circuit training that integrates abdominal sessions and a workout on a machine in a gym. Involving the whole body to work all the muscles, circuit training also has a boosting effect on the basic metabolism.



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